Survivor: Individuality

Survivor Individuality
Season 2
Winner BwBurke94
Won Challenge
Days 39
Castaways 13
Tribes     Geteilt
Returning Castaways
Egypt Boots22
Hawaii Bclrockschamp
All Stars Dragotistic
Malaysia Boots22
All Stars II RileyCotter
Previous Season Hogwarts
Next Season Egypt

Survivor: Individuality is the 2nd installment of Gohan's Survivor Series . It started off with the Individuality twist, which is why there's only 13 players. The twist stated that there would be no tribes. All the way through, players would play individually.

The sole tribe name was called Geteilt, meaning "divided" in Germany, 

Another twist stated that it would all be challenge based, even the F2 Challenge.

Due to Rileycotter's inability to show up to the final challenge, BwBurke94 won Survivor: Individuality.


Contestant Merge Tribe Result
Unit8890 Geteilt 1st Voted Out
13th place
Day 3
Rockstar15 Geteilt 2nd Voted Out
12th place
Day 6
BclRocksChamp Geteilt 3rd Voted Out
11th place
Day 9
Acftw Geteilt 4th Voted Out
10th place
Day 12
Boots22 Geteilt 5th Voted Out
9th place
Day 15
Kmaynor1 Geteilt 6th Voted Out
8th place
Day 18
ErikWard1412 Geteilt 7th Voted Out
7th place
Day 21
Duke Geteilt 8th Voted Out
6th place
Day 24
Dragotistic Geteilt 9th Voted Out
5th place
Day 27
Coolnarwhal88 Geteilt 10th Voted Out
4th place
Day 30
Andyp223 Geteilt 11th Voted Out
3rd place
Day 34
Rileycotter Geteilt Runner-Up
Lost  Challenge
BwBurke94 Geteilt Sole Survivor
Won Challenge

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