Survivor: Tanzania- Trials of Terror

Survivor Tanzania
Season 9
Winner Bingo21
Days 39
Castaways 16
Tribes     Sukuma



Returning Castaways
Pangaea Jakehou97
Malaysia Jakehou97
Amantani Bingo21
Caribbean Best
All Stars II TheWinner
Previous Season The Andes
Next Season Pangaea

Survivor: Tanzania is the 9th installment of Gohan's Survivor Series . It started off with two tribes of eight, Hadzabe and Sukuma. A recurring theme for Tanzania were the "Trials of Terror", basically telling the castaways to keep on their toes and expect something big in the days to come. The first Trial was a shocking twist, which stated that the tribes switched every tribal council.

The tribes, Sukuma and Hadzabe, are ethnic groups in Tanzania. Datooga is the same way.

On Day 13 the tribes merged, with the name Sukabe, which was Hadzabe and Sukuma mixed together to form one word. After Flamelord was voted out, it was revealed that the next person voted out each round (starting with Flamelord) would pick a person to be safe, sort of like an idol that you can't keep. The person would be called the "Master of Terror", and would also be inflicting the "Trials of Terror" among the group. This would happen until the Final 5.

On Day 22, a twist caused by the Master of Terror made the Final 8 split into two tribes, the winning tribe would be safe, the other four went to Tribal Council. This only happened for one Tribal, resulting in TheWinner going home.

On Day 28, a twist caused by the Master of Terror made the Final 6 split into three tribes, the winner wouldn't attend Tribal Council, but the other four would. The additional tribe was called Datooga. This only happened for one Tribal, resulting in Rasmusjt48 going home.

After winning three individual immunites in a row, getting himself to the Final Tribal Council, Bingo21 beat EliOrtiz1234 in a 5-3 vote.


Contestant Original Tribe #1 #2 #3 Merge Tribe #4 #5 Result MoT1
PrezNewton44 Sukuma 1st Voted Out
16th place
Day 3
Popcorndude18 Sukuma S 2nd Voted Out
15th place
Day 6
JustDontEvictMe Hadzabe H S 3rd Voted Out
14th place
Day 9
RTB6 Sukuma S H H 4th Voted Out
13th place
Day 12
Levonini Hadzabe S H S 5th Voted Out
12th place
Day 12
Flamelord Hadzabe S H H Sukabe 6th Voted Out
11th place
Day 15
PatriciaSigmond Hadzabe S H H 7th Voted Out
10th place
Day 18
Cowkal2 Sukuma S H S 8th Voted Out
9th place
Day 21
TheWinner Sukuma H S H S 9th Voted Out
8th place
Day 24
Eman003 Hadzabe S S H H 10th Voted Out
7th place
Day 12
Rasmusjt48 Hadzabe H H S S S 11th Voted Out
6th place
Day 30
Peachessncream Hadzabe H H H S H 12th Voted Out
5th place
Day 33
Best Sukuma H S H H S Quit
4th place
Day 36
Jakehou97 Sukuma H S H S H 13th Voted Out
3rd place
Day 37
EliOrtiz1234 Sukuma H S S H D Runner-Up
3 Votes To Win
Bingo21 Hadzabe H H S H D Sole Survivor
5 Votes To Win

^1 The Master of Terror was one of the twists in the game. After the first merged tribal council, the person previously voted out would pick someone in the game to be the "Master of Terror". Along with being safe for that tribal, the Master of Terror could wreak havoc across the game. Including not being able to vote the previous person you voted for, and splitting up the merged tribes into two or three tribes.

The GameEdit

MoT Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
None Hadzabe PrezNewton44 4-3-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Hadzabe Popcorndude18 4-3 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Hadzabe JustDontEvictMe 3-2-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
PatriciaSigmond RTB6 5-1-1-1 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Cowkal2 Levonini 3-1-1 5th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 12
Bingo21 Flamelord 5-4-1-1 6th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 15
Bingo21 TheWinner PatriciaSigmond 3-[6]-[1] 7th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 18
EliOrtiz1234 TheWinner Cowkal2 8-1 8th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 21
EliOrtiz1234 Hadzabe TheWinner 1-[3] 9th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 24
Rasmusjt48 EliOrtiz1234 Eman003 5-2 10th Voted Out
Day 27
None Datooga Rasmusjt48 4-0 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 30
Bingo21 Peachessncream 3-1-1 12th Voted Out
Day 33
Bingo21 Best No Vote Quit
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Bingo21 Jakehou17 1-0 13th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Jury vote EliOrtiz1234 5-3 Runner-Up
Bingo21 Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

To see the Voting History and the Jury Votes, go here

Survivor: Tanzania Voting History: Pre-Merge
Tribes Swap 1 Swap 2 Swap 3 Swap 4
Episode # 1 2 3 4
Voted Off: Preznewton44 Popcorndude18 Justdontevictme RTB6 Levonini
Vote: 4-3-1 4-2 3-2-1 5-1-1 3-1-1
Best Preznewton44 - Justdontevictme RTB6 -
Bingo21 - - - - Levonini
Cowkal2 Jakehou97 Popcorndude18 - - Levonini
EliOrtiz1234 Preznewton44 - Justdontevictme - Levonini
Eman003 - Cowkal2 Best Best -
Flamelord - Popcorndude18 - RTB6 -
Jakehou97 Preznewton44 - Best RTB6 -
PatriciaSigmond - Popcorndude18 - Flamelord -
Peachessncream - - - RTB6 -
Rasmusjt48 - - - - SV
TheWinner Cowkal2 - Jakehou97 RTB6 -
Levonini - Popcorndude18 - - Bingo21
RTB6 Preznewton44 Cowkal2 - Thewinner
Justdontevictme - - SV
Popcorndude18 Cowkal2 Cowkal2
Preznewton44 Cowkal2
Survivor: Tanzania Voting History: Merge
Tribes Merge Tribe Merge Tribe Merge
Episode # 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Voted Off: Flamelord PatriciaSigmond Cowkal2 Thewinner Eman003 Rasmusjt48 Peachessncream Best Jakehou97
Vote: 5-4-1-1 3-0*-0* 8-1 1-0* 5-2 4-0 3-1-1 No Vote 1-0
Bingo21 Flamelord PatriciaSigmond Cowkal2 - Eman003 - Jakehou97 Jakehou97 Jakehou97
EliOrtiz1234 Flamelord Bingo21 Cowkal2 - Eman003 - Peachessncream Jakehou97 -
Jakehou97 PatriciaSigmond Bingo21 Cowkal2 TheWinner Bingo21 Rasmusjt48 Peachessncream Best -
Best PatriciaSigmond Bingo21 Cowkal2 - Bingo21 Rasmusjt48 Peachessncream Quit
Peachessncream SV PatriciaSigmond Best Jakehou97 Eman003 Rasmusjt48 Best
Rasmusjt48 Flamelord PatriciaSigmond Cowkal2 Jakehou97 Eman003 SV
Eman003 Flamelord Bingo21 Cowkal2 - SV
TheWinner PatriciaSigmond EliOrtiz1234 Cowkal2 Jakehou97 Rasmusjt48
Cowkal2 PatriciaSigmond Bingo21 SV EliOrtiz1234
PatriciaSigmond Flamelord Bingo21 EliOrtiz1234
Flamelord Best Bingo21
Jury Vote
Finalists EliOrtiz1234 Bingo21
Vote 3 Votes 5 Votes
Juror Vote
Jakehou97 EliOrtiz1234
Best Bingo21
Rasmusjt48 Bingo21
TheWinner Bingo21
Cowkal2 Bingo21
PatriciaSigmond Bingo21

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