Survivor: The Andes

Survivor The Andes
Season 8
Winner TheMissingLink
Days 39
Castaways 16
Tribes     Azrufal



    Randomize's Sluts
Returning Castaways
Pangaea Ethan000
Malaysia Porschefan101
Amantani Spinner554
Caribbean Booyahhayoob
All Stars II Ethan000
Previous Season South Islands
Next Season Tanzania

Survivor: The Andes is the 8th installment of Gohan's Survivor Series . It started off with two tribes of fourteen. However, they were joined by former contestants TheMissingLink and Bubba3, who were both on Survivor: South Island. Link joined Illampu, whereas Bubba3 joined Azrufal. Both tribes were after mountains in The Andes, where they would be staying.

On Day 10, the two tribes dissolved into three. Since they were even in numbers, two people from each tribe went into the third tribe, Carabay, also a mountain in The Andes Mountains.

On Day 16, the three tribes merged into Randomize's Sluts. Like This Game is Rigged, Randomize's Sluts was picked via poll.

In an almost unanimous vote, TheMissingLink won against Porschefan101 and Nostalgic in a 6-1-0 vote.


Contestant Original Tribe Tribe Dissolve Merge Tribe Result
Blueu22 Illampu Purple Rocked
16th place
Day 3
Kilv Azrufal 1st Voted Out
15th place
Day 6
TylerKeith Azrufal 2nd Voted Out
14th place
Day 9
Spinner554 Illampu 3rd Voted Out
13th place
Day 9
Loopux Azrufal Carabay 4th Voted Out
12th place
Day 12
SmackDownIsBlue Illampu Illampu 5th Voted Out
11th place
Day 15
Ethan000 Azrufal Carabay Randomize's Sluts 6th Voted Out
10th place
Day 19
Booyahhayoob Azrufal Azrufal 7th Voted Out
9th place
Day 23
South Island
Azrufal Azrufal 8th Voted Out
8th place
Day 27
Koolmanmadden Illampu Illampu 9th Voted Out
7th place
Day 27
Sergeant Illampu Illampu 10th Voted Out
6th place
Day 31
49288 Azrufal Azrufal 11th Voted Out
5th place
Day 35
Saxonmath Azrufal Azrufal 12th Voted Out
4th place
Day 38
Nostalgic Illampu Illampu 2nd Runner-Up
0 Votes To Win
Porschefan101 Illampu Carabay Runner-Up
1 Vote To Win
South Island
Illampu Carabay Sole-Survivor
6 Votes To Win

The GameEdit

Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
Azrufal Blueu22 4-4;
Drew Rock
Day 3
Illampu Kilv 5-1-1 1st Voted Out
Day 6
Porschefan101 Spinner544 6-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
Saxonmath TylerKeith 5-1-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Illampu Loopux 4-0 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Azrufal Smackdownisblue 2-2;
5th Voted Out
Day 15
Nostalgic Ethan000 5-5;
6th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 19
Saxonmath Booyahhayoob 6-3 7th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 23
Bubba3 2-1-[4] 8th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
Koolmanmadden 2-1-[4] 9th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Saxonmath Sergeant 4-2 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
49288 3-2 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 35
Porschefan101 Saxonmath 3-1 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Nostalgic 6-1-0 2nd Runner-Up
Porschefan101 Runner-Up
TheMissingLink Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

To see the Voting History and the Jury Votes, go here .

Survivor: The Andes Voting History: Pre-Merge
Tribes Original Tribes Split Tribes
Episode # 1 2 3 4 5 6
Voted Off: Blueu22 Kilv TylerKeith Spinner554 Loopux Smackdownisblue
Vote: 4-4 3-3 No Vote 5-1-1-1 5-1-1 6-1 4-0 2-2 2-0
49288 - Kilv TylerKeith - - -
Booyahhayoob - Kilv TylerKeith - - -
Bubba3 - Saxonmath SV - - -
Ethan000 - Kilv TylerKeith - Loopux -
Koolmanmadden Spinner554 Spinner554 - - - Spinner554 - Smackdownisblue Smackdownisblue
Nostalgic Smackdownisblue Smackdownisblue - - - Smackdownisblue - Sergeant Smackdownisblue
Porschefan101 Spinner554 Spinner554 - - - Spinner554 Loopux -
Saxonmath - Kilv TylerKeith - - -
Sergeant Smackdownisblue Smackdownisblue - - - Spinner554 - Smackdownisblue None
TheMissingLink Spinner554 Smackdownisblue - - - Spinner554 Loopux -
Smackdownisblue SV None - - - Spinner554 - Smackdownisblue None
Loopux - Kilv TylerKeith - SV
Spinner554 Spinner554 None - - - SV
TylerKeith - Bubba3 Ethan000
Kilv - Loopux
Blueu22 Spinner554 Spinner554 Eliminated

Survivor: The Andes Voting History: Merge
Tribes Merged Tribes
Episode # 7 8 9 10 11 12
Voted Off: Ethan000 Booyahhayoob Bubba3 Koolmanmadden Sergeant 49288 Saxonmath
Vote: 5-5 5-3 6-3 2-1-0* 2-1-0* 4-2 3-2 3-1
TheMissingLink Ethan000 Ethan000 Booyahhayoob Porschefan101 Bubba3 Sergeant 49288 Saxonmath
Porschefan101 Ethan000 Ethan000 Booyahhayoob Bubba3 Koolmanmadden Sergeant 49288 Saxonmath
Nostalgic Ethan000 Ethan000 Booyahhayoob Porschefan101 Bubba3 Porschefan101 49288 Saxonmath
Saxonmath Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Bubba3 Koolmanmadden Sergeant Nostalgic Nostalgic
49288 Sergeant Ethan000 Booyahhayoob On Exile Sergeant Nostalgic
Sergeant Ethan000 None Booyahhayoob Porschefan101 Bubba3 Porschefan101
Koolmanmadden Ethan000 Ethan000 Booyahhayoob Porschefan101 Bubba3
Bubba3 Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Koolmanmadden Saxonmath
Booyahhayoob Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant
Ethan000 Sergeant None
Jury Vote
Finalists Nostalgic Porschefan101 TheMissingLink
Vote 0 Votes 1 Vote 6 Votes
Saxonmath TheMissingLink
49288 TheMissingLink
Sergeant TheMissingLink
Koolmanmadden TheMissingLink
Bubba3 TheMissingLink
Booyahhayoob TheMissingLink
Ethan000 Porschefan101

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