^ Contestant played for a second time.
    † Contestant played for a third time.
    ‡ Contestant played for a fourth time.
    ☩ Contestant played for a fifth time.
    ✥ Contestant played for a sixth time.


01Gohan's Survivor Series has been running for (currently) 15 seasons. These are the list of players along with their original tribes. In some cases, there were tribes that never got to be featured in the player list. Those tribes are listed below the contestants.

Contestant Original Tribe Season Placement
Leopardprint Slytherin Hogwarts 20th
Dmpwb45 Ravenclaw Hogwarts 19th
CocoaBean Gryffindor Hogwarts 18th
Strawberry_Ninja Gryffindor Hogwarts 17th
JjTitan Slytherin Hogwarts 16th
Soccer_Man Slytherin Hogwarts 15th
SSDZ Gryffindor Hogwarts 14th
Otaq Ravenclaw Hogwarts 13th
Sawfan1 Ravenclaw Hogwarts 12th
Bowen Ravenclaw Hogwarts 11th
Snowgirl57 Slytherin Hogwarts 10th
NorthCarolinaDogWood Hufflepuff Hogwarts 9th
Emily08 Ravenclaw Hogwarts 8th
Amf7410 Hufflepuff Hogwarts 7th
Donutdude556 Gryffindor Hogwarts 6th
Splozojames50 Hufflepuff Hogwarts 5th
Chazz Gryffindor Hogwarts 4th
Bryce333 Slytherin Hogwarts 3rd
TylerK Hufflepuff Hogwarts 2nd
Piddu Hufflepuff Hogwarts 1st
Unit8890 Geteilt Individuality 13th
Rockstar15 Geteilt Individuality 12th
BclRocksChamp Geteilt Individuality 11th
Acftw Geteilt Individuality 10th
Boots22 Geteilt Individuality 9th
Kmaynor1 Geteilt Individuality 8th
ErikWard1412 Geteilt Individuality 7th
Duke Geteilt Individuality 6th
Dragotistic Geteilt Individuality 5th
Coolnarwhal88 Geteilt Individuality 4th
Andyp223 Geteilt Individuality 3rd
RileyCotter Geteilt Individuality 2nd
BwBurke94 Geteilt Individuality 1st
JYC0615 Mchanga Egypt 16th
Aguidavi Upepo Egypt 15th
TheStan Upepo Egypt 14th
l0_0l Mchanga Egypt 13th
Maxi1234 Mchanga Egypt 12th
Blobberhead Upepo Egypt 11th
FunkyBike1 Mchanga Egypt 10th
Boots22^ Mchanga Egypt 9th
Squirrels1666 Mchanga Egypt 8th
Elijah2020 Upepo Egypt 7th
BestHeroD Mchanga Egypt 6th
Daniel123456 Mchanga Egypt 5th
Wowjj Upepo Egypt 4th
Donutdude556^ Upepo Egypt 3rd
Primmy_Rosy Upepo Egypt 2nd
Iceyblue52 Upepo Egypt 1st
Bryce12 Kupa'a Hawaii 18th
Cooldude70 Kupa'a Hawaii 17th
Atrain Kupono Hawaii 16th
Dabomb127 Kupono Hawaii 15th
BclRocksChamp^ Ikaika Hawaii 14th
Jimboslice Kupono Hawaii 13th
CarlitoFan101 Kupa'a Hawaii 12th
Jharrin7887 Kupa'a Hawaii 11th
TheSexiestDude990 Kupono Hawaii 10th
BestHeroD^ Ikaika Hawaii 9th
Timerondo Kupa'a Hawaii 8th
AndyP223^ Ikaika Hawaii 7th
Tundra Kupa'a Hawaii 6th
Emily08^ Ikaika Hawaii 5th
Deceased Kupono Hawaii 4th
Natepresnell Kupono Hawaii 3rd
Wowjj^ Ikaika Hawaii 2nd
Dmpwb45^ Ikaika Hawaii 1st
Epicplan K'awiil Mayan Empire 12th
Cosmo14 Pakal Mayan Empire 11th
Zbase4 K'awiil Mayan Empire 10th
Venia K'awiil Mayan Empire 9th
_JB_ Pakal Mayan Empire 8th
Avatar3939 Pakal Mayan Empire 7th
Ytrewq111 Pakal Mayan Empire 6th
PizPaz K'awiil Mayan Empire 5th
Semaj Pakal Mayan Empire 4th
TommarkOliver Pakal Mayan Empire 3rd
KarolusMagnus K'awiil Mayan Empire 2nd
KPnna K'awiil Mayan Empire 1st
BwBurke94^ Tinakula All Stars 18th
BclRocksChamp Tinakula All Stars 17th
TommarkOliver^ Tinakula All Stars 16th
BestHeroD Vanikoro All Stars 15th
Andyp223 Tinakula All Stars 14th
Squirrels1666^ Masamasa All Stars 13th
Dragotistic^ Masamasa All Stars 12th
Avatar3939^ Tinakula All Stars 11th
Snowgirl57^ Masamasa All Stars 10th
SSDZ^ Masamasa All Stars 9th
Jimboslice^ Vanikoro All Stars 8th
TheSexiestDude990^ Vanikoro All Stars 7th
TheStan^ Tinakula All Stars 6th
Donutdude556 Vanikoro All Stars 5th
_JB_^ Masamasa All Stars 4th
Dmpwb45 Vanikoro All Stars 3rd
Wowjj Masamasa All Stars 2nd
Daniel123456^ Vanikoro All Stars 1st
Bubba3 Oamaru South Island 18th
Jarry Oamaru South Island 17th
Astros Temuka South Island 16th
Vhd96 Oamaru South Island 15th
Egaga911 Oamaru South Island 14th
Sajanas3000 Temuka South Island 13th
TheMissingLink Oamaru South Island 12th
MMAJunkieX Temuka South Island 11th
Manipulation Oamaru South Island 10th
_Isaac_ Temuka South Island 9th
Epstar59 Temuka South Island 8th
Lifer107 Temuka South Island 7th
Mysterygame Oamaru South Island 6th
JordonK Oamaru South Island 5th
Mearl Oamaru South Island 4th
ShazamMcAmazing Temuka South Island 3rd
DEADBEATJONAH14 Temuka South Island 2nd
Mattkwon1 Temuka South Island 1st
Blueu22 Illampu The Andes 16th
Kilv Azrufal The Andes 15th
TylerKeith Azrufal The Andes 14th
Spinner554 Illampu The Andes 13th
Loopux Azrufal The Andes 12th
SmackDownIsBlue Illampu The Andes 11th
Ethan000 Azrufal The Andes 10th
Booyahhayoob Azrufal The Andes 9th
Bubba3^ Azrufal The Andes 8th
KoolmanMadden Illampu The Andes 7th
Sergeant Illampu The Andes 6th
49288 Azrufal The Andes 5th
Saxonmath Azrufal The Andes 4th
Nostalgic Illampu The Andes 3rd
Porschefan101 Illampu The Andes 2nd
TheMissingLink^ Illampu The Andes 1st
Preznewton44 Sukuma Tanzania 16th
Popcorndude18 Sukuma Tanzania 15th
JustDontEvictMe Hadzabe Tanzania 14th
RTB6 Sukuma Tanzania 13th
Levonini Hadzabe Tanzania 12th
Flamelord Hadzabe Tanzania 11th
PatriciaSigmond Hadzabe Tanzania 10th
Cowkal2 Sukuma Tanzania 9th
TheWinner Sukuma Tanzania 8th
Eman003 Hadzabe Tanzania 7th
Rasmusjt48 Hadzabe Tanzania 6th
PeachessNCream Hadzabe Tanzania 5th
Best Sukuma Tanzania 4th
Jakehou97 Sukuma Tanzania 3rd
EliOrtiz1234 Sukuma Tanzania 2nd
Bingo21 Hadzabe Tanzania 1st
ChrisLikesTurtles Otis Pangaea 42nd
Flamelord^ Otis Pangaea 41st
Nostalgic^ Nivea Pangaea 40th
Jarry^ Grus Pangaea 39th
Sergeant^ Rufous Pangaea 38th
Eman003^ Fregata Pangaea 37th
BigBrotherFan132 Nivea Pangaea 36th
Lachie227 Nivea Pangaea 35th
Levonini^ Vultur Pangaea 34th
Donosaurus_Rex Vultur Pangaea 33rd
Tundra^ Fregata Pangaea 32nd
Lifer107^ Grus Pangaea 31st
DJ2230 Dromaius Pangaea 30th
Cowkal2^ Grus Pangaea 29th
Joeker Otis Pangaea 28th
Bubba3 Dromaius Pangaea 27th
X_Daniel_X Dromaius Pangaea 26th
Snowgirl57 Nivea Pangaea 25th
Natepresnell^ Fregata Pangaea 24th
Porschefan101^ Rufous Pangaea 23rd
Gaiaphage Otis Pangaea 22nd
Manipulation^ Grus Pangaea 21st
Lavaworks Otis Pangaea 20th
Best^ Rufous Pangaea 19th
Smiley20 Grus Pangaea 18th
Carlito Vultur Pangaea 17th
Wowjj Fregata Pangaea 16th
Jakehou97^ Vultur Pangaea 15th
Saxonmath^ Vultur Pangaea 14th
Talldude_1031 Otis Pangaea 13th
Mattkwon1^ Grus Pangaea 12th
Ethan000^ Nivea Pangaea 11th
Ghoul Rufous Pangaea 10th
Sparticus142 Rufous Pangaea 9th
Ditzy Dromaius Pangaea 8th
Donutdude556 Fregata Pangaea 7th
PizPaz^ Dromaius Pangaea 6th
Bowling4Fun Nivea Pangaea 5th
EeStrada17 Rufous Pangaea 4th
Amf7410^ Vultur Pangaea 3rd
Iceyblue52^ Fregata Pangaea 2nd
Zimdelinvasor Dromaius Pangaea 1st
LexiVazquez Miri Malaysia 20th
Guess_Who Miri Malaysia 19th
BassAbsol Miri Malaysia 18th
EliOrtiz1234^ Alor Malaysia 17th
Yankees14456 Miri Malaysia 16th
Best Alor Malaysia 15th
Jakehou97 Alor Malaysia 14th
Manalord Miri Malaysia 13th
Hinata0014 Miri Malaysia 12th
Qwerty3000 Miri Malaysia 11th
Porschefan101 Alor Malaysia 10th
Saxonmath Alor Malaysia 9th
Spinner554^ Alor Malaysia 8th
BOBROCKS333 Miri Malaysia 7th
Boots22 Alor Malaysia 6th
PeaceOut14 Miri Malaysia 5th
Survivorfan1111 Miri Malaysia 4th
49288^ Alor Malaysia 3rd
TylerKeith^ Alor Malaysia 2nd
Blueu22^ Alor Malaysia 1st
GirlsGenerationFan99 Protaras Cyprus 16th
MojoSurb Protaras Cyprus 15th
EliotWhi Protaras Cyprus 14th
Sportygirl22 Protaras Cyprus 13th
Survivor8 Protaras Cyprus 12th
Glinda Protaras Cyprus 11th
Gaiaphage^ Protaras Cyprus 10th
Crazy_Clown123 Nicosia Cyprus 9th
DolphinSoccer4 Protaras Cyprus 8th
Saftronbtr999 Nicosia Cyprus 7th
NickBrad97 Nicosia Cyprus 6th
Mantyke Nicosia Cyprus 5th
SkillzDatKillz Nicosia Cyprus 4th
JoshJosh123 Nicosia Cyprus 3rd
MyMilkShakes Nicosia Cyprus 2nd
BOBROCKS333^ Nicosia Cyprus 1st
Lonelystar1 Mearl's Mighty Amantani 21st
Jharrin7887^ Mearl's Mighty Amantani 20th
CK11 Mearl's Mighty Amantani 19th
Amf7410 Gohan's Grand Amantani 18th
Bearpatrol Mearl's Mighty Amantani 17th
Jmain14 Dono's Defiant Amantani 16th
Itspipez Mearl's Mighty Amantani 15th
JBC8 Dono's Defiant Amantani 14th
Hinata0014^ Gohan's Grand Amantani 13th
Renegade628 Dono's Defiant Amantani 12th
Spinner554 Gohan's Grand Amantani 11th
Chastain Dono's Defiant Amantani 10th
Dryerfish Dono's Defiant Amantani 9th
Sunslicer2 Dono's Defiant Amantani 8th
Bingo21^ Gohan's Grand Amantani 7th
TheRenny Dono's Defiant Amantani 6th
PeaceOut14^ Gohan's Grand Amantani 5th
ZombieOliver Mearl's Mighty Amantani 4th
SkillzDatKillz^ Gohan's Grand Amantani 3rd
Ghoul^ Gohan's Grand Amantani 2nd
Stick Mearl's Mighty Amantani 1st
MoooHades Pimlico Caribbean 20th
AlanDuncan Jumento Caribbean 19th
BBobsessor Bersus Caribbean 18th
EeStrada17^ Inagua Caribbean 17th
Jflora18 Pimlico Caribbean 16th
Splozojames50^ Bersus Caribbean 15th
Marble Pimlico Caribbean 14th
LoganWorm Jumento Caribbean 13th
JETTEJ Jumento Caribbean 12th
Best Jumento Caribbean 11th
Turney1805 Inagua Caribbean 10th
WitZ Jumento Caribbean 9th
Cole91 Inagua Caribbean 8th
JakeB Pimlico Caribbean 7th
SurvivorFan37 Bersus Caribbean 6th
DrPepsi Inagua Caribbean 5th
Booyahhayoob^ Pimlico Caribbean 4th
Sprado91 Inagua Caribbean 2ndT
Quackerz Bersus Caribbean 2ndT
Lemjam6 Bersus Caribbean 1st
RileyCotter^ Miyako All Stars 2 18th
Iceyblue52 Miyako All Stars 2 17th
Daniel123456 Tarama All Stars 2 16th
Stick^ Iojima All Stars 2 15th
TheSexiestDude990 Iojima All Stars 2 14th
DolphinSoccer4^ Miyako All Stars 2 13th
Lynette Iojima All Stars 2 12th
KidA Tarama All Stars 2 11th
Bowling4Fun^ Tarama All Stars 2 10th
Porschefan101 Iojima All Stars 2 9th
Black0ut247 Miyako All Stars 2 8th
Turney1805^ Tarama All Stars 2 7th
49288 Tarama All Stars 2 6th
Survivorfan1111^ Miyako All Stars 2 5th
Lemjam6^ Iojima All Stars 2 4th
Ethan000 Tarama All Stars 2 3rd
TheWinner^ Miyako All Stars 2 2nd
Lifer107 Iojima All Stars 2 1st

Secondary TribesEdit

These are the tribes that AREN'T of the merge or main type of tribes.

Tribe Season
Gryfferin Hogwarts
Raflepaw Hogwarts
Auli'i Hawaii
Nunui Hawaii
Carabay The Andes
Datooga Tanzania
Repignero Pangaea
Kyrenia Cyprus

Merged TribesEdit

The tribes where the players merge into one tribe to compete for individual immunity.

Tribe Season Time Merged
Casas Hogwarts Final 11
Geteilt Individuality Final 13
Maji Egypt Final 12
Akamai Hawaii Final 12
Degrem Mayan Empire Final 9
Honiara All Stars Final 18
Ponkuma All Stars Final 13
Rangiroa South Island Final 12
Randomize's Sluts The Andes Final 10
Sukabe Tanzania Final 11
This Game is Rigged Pangaea Final 10
#Twerk Malaysia Final 12
Ganja Cyprus Final 10
Trinity Amantani Final 13
Royal Caribbean Caribbean Final 12
Rankō Pātī All Stars 2 Final 11

Tribe Colors For Each SeasonEdit

Self explainatory

Tribe Colors
Season Tribes
Blue/Teal Red Yellow Green Orange Purple Black Grey/Silver Brown Pink
Hogwarts Ravenclaw Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin Casas
Individuality Geteilt
Egypt Maji Mchanga Upepo
Hawaii Ikaika Kupa'a Kupono Nunui Auli'i Akamai
Mayan Empire Pakal K'awiil Degrem
All Stars Tinakula Honiara Masamasa Vanikoro
South Island Oamaru Temuka Rangoria
The Andes Carabay Illampu Randomize's
Tanzania Sukabe Sukuma Hadzabe Datooga
Pangaea Fregata Dromaius Vultur Grus Rufous Otis This Game
is rigged
Repignero Nivea
Fans vs. Favorites
#Twerk Alor
Cyprus Nicosia Kyrenia Protaras Ganja
Amantani Mearl's Mighty Dono's Defiant Gohan's Grand Trinity
Carribean Pimlico Inagua Royal Carribean Bersus Jumento
All Stars 2 Rankō Pātī Iojima Tarama Miyako
Intended Seasons
In No Particular Order
Indonesia Merged Bhima Arjuna
Second Chances
Ogi Awa Uki Soo Yao Kai Enu Tsu Uji Merged
Ketoi Okhotsk Pallas Kuril Ainu Merged
Tortuga Galápagos Santay Puná
Taiwan Merged Yilan
Polynesia Bora Bora Merged Tupai
Sri Lanka-
Brains vs. Brawn
Legends vs. Rookies
Romania Reghin Tecuci Merged
Nameless Island Merged Los Rios El Oro
Togo Merged Kara Dapaong
Blood vs. Water
Merged Visayas Mindanao
Queensland Pelorus Acheron Orpheus Curacoa K'gari
Socotra Incana Balfouri Cinnabari
Brain vs Brawn vs Benign
Merged Kuta
Java Bromo Karang Sundoro Pulosari Doropulo
Greece ωκεανός Φωτιά βροντή βρονόςτιά
The Kalahari
Merged Oryx Pangolin Caracal
Lone Island Aonair Nag-iisa Sozinho
Bermuda Cessna Suduffco Merged
Baffin Island Odin Nunavut Inqualuit
India Namaste Alvida Merge

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