Logo for the Auctions page.

'Auctions' is a page in which highly scoring Designs can be bought.

How to get an item to AuctionEdit

First of all, a user must create a design. This design can either be a T-Shirt (the simplest way of creating a design) or a design that has been created on a specific programme. This design must either be of the category: clothes, eyes, mouth, tattoo/scars, glasses, hair or hats. Your item of clothing must not be more than one of those categories.

After creating a design, a user must upload it to the 'Designs' page, where it will be voted upon in a manner similar to the Blogs page. New designs will appear on the left-hand side and will be either plussed or minused by other users, depending on whether they like it or not, and the top designs will appear on the left. When the countdown reaches zero, the design with the highest score will enter the auction. All items will have three days only to be rated and therefore, any item that does not make the auction in this time will be closed.

If the user's item enters the auction, it is now a waiting game. People will have the opportunity to bid on the item in the allotted time period and can add either 1T$, 5T$, 10T$ or 50T$ to the current bid. When the time for a certain item reaches zero, the person who has bid the most wins the item and can now wear the item.

Outside LinksEdit

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