14 new players, 4 returnees have been selcted to fight for the title of sole survivor in Jamaica!

Season 7: Jamaica

This season constats of 14 New Players, 4 Returnees(1st time returing) and 2 tribes, Arawak and Taino , who will be the sole survivor?

Winner: Rabbaj(2)

Runner Up: BigBrother06

Second Runner Up: bboytacoguy

Vote: 2-1-0

Fan Fav: Ontario

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Contestant Tribe



Merged Tribe Placement Vote Total Votes
Chelsea1234 Arawak 18th 5-2-1-1 5
Primetime_Drama Arawak 17th NV* 1
Guess_Who Arawak 16th 3~3~1(3~2) 3
Ontaro Taino 15th 4-1-1-1-1-1 4
karolusmagnus Taino Taino 14th 4-2-1 4
Girlswannahavefun Arawak Arawak 13th 4-1-1-1 4
ryanm69 Taino Arawak 12th FC 1
bbfan111 Taino Arawak 11th FC 2
EnderWiggen Taino Arawak 10th FC 2
Ozzy7 Arawak Taino 9th 6-3 9
Yepal Arawak Tano 8th NV** 3
ItzBennyBitchezz Taino Taino 7th 4-2-1 5
Missalice3 Arawak Arawak Arino 6th 4-1-1 10
jharrin7887 Taino Taino 5th 3-1-1 4
Bigsurvivorfan13 Arawak Taino 4th 3-1 3
bboyTACOguy Arawak Arawak 3rd N/A 1
BigBrother06 Taino Taino 2nd N/A 5
Rabbaj Taino Arawak Winner N.A 4
  • Primetime_Drama Was Medically Evacuated
    • yepal Quit

The Game: TBA


Episode Immune Eliminated 
7.1 "Lets get to know each other!" Taino Chelsea1234
7.2 "Dramatic Tribal" Taino Primetime_Drama
7.3 "They just got lucky" Arawak Ontario
7.4 "This Is A Game. My Game." Arawak Karolusmagnus
7.5 "Keep Drama To A Minimum" Taino Girlswannahavefun
7.6 "Challenge" Arino bbfan111,EnderWiggen,ryanm69
7.7 "Keep Hope Alive" BigBrother06 Ozzy7
7.8 "Double Episode" BigBrother06 & Bigsurvivorfan13 Yepal & ItzBennyBitchzz
7.9 "Auction" Bigsurvivorfan13 Missalice3
7.10 " Best Castaway Wins" Rabbaj jharrin7887
7.11 "Ain't Gonna Twirl Me Yet" Rabbaj Bigsurvivorfan13

7.12 "And The Winner Is..."

WINNER: Rabbaj

RUNNER-UP: BigBrother06

Second Runner-Up: bboyTACOguy

Quote In Episode 1 Said By Ozzy

Quote In Epiosde 2 Said By Bigsurvivorfan13

Quote in ep.3 said by ontario

Quote In Ep.4 Said By ___________(Revaled In Finale)

Quote In Episode 5 Said By BigSurvivorfan

Quote In Ep.7 Said By Big Survivor Fan

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