15 Players, Being Coached By 3 Of The Best, Will Fight For The Title Of Sole Survivor In Kiribati!

Season 8: Kiribati

This Season Consisits Of 15 New Players, Being Drafted By 3 Of The Best, And Being Mentored By Then, 3 Tribes: Guapo,Harad And Banaba Who Will Be The Sole Survivor?

Winner: pepster101     (JBC8)

Runner-Up: macken    (JBC8)

Vote: 4-3

Fan Fav: macken

Go here to see my full Survivor Series

Contestant Tribe Merged Tribe Placement Vote Total Vote Pick
Snake Harad 15th 3-2 3 #7
horrorite Guapo 14th


0 #4
CutieAmy Harad 13th 3-1 5 #10
MicklePickle20 Banaba 12th 4-1 4 #11T
nutty14159951 Banaba 11th 5-3-1 5(6) #11T
survivor411 Guapo 10th NV* 1 #9
ferdinandz Guapo 9th 4~3~1~1 4 #2
Seal Harad 8th 5-1-1-1 9(10) #4
JosephinaAlexis Banaba Hanapo 7th 5-1-1 8 #11T
jbshafer Banaba 6th 3-2 6(7) #11T
JoshJosh123 Harad 5th 3-1-1 6 #8
crazyguy711 Banaba 4th 2-2[2-0] 6 #11T
Expendable17 Harad 3rd 1-0 8 #6
macken Guapo Runner-Up N/A 0 #3
pepster101 Guapo Winner N/A 0 #1
  • Horrorite Laid Down Her Torch "I'm gonna get voted out anyway, so i figured I'd just leave"
    • Survivor411 Quit


Tribe Mentor Placement Furthest Player Player Placement Avarge Placement
JBC8 Guapo 1st 1st 7.2
ofl1998 Harad 2nd Expendable17 3rd 8.8
GiGi10 Banaba 3rd crazyguy711 4th 8

The Episodes

Episode Immune Elimanated
8.1 "Underdogs" Guapo Snake

8.2 "My problem is I dont like people like you"

Harad Horrorite
8.3  "Top Dogs" Banaba CutieAmy
8.4 "I have a one in five chance of getting voted out" Guapo MicklePickle20
8.5 "Gamechangers" jbshafer nutty14159951
8.6 "Everyone is out for themselves" jbshafer survivor411
8.7 "Wanting the Queen out the Kingdom" JosephinaAlexis Seal
8.8 "they are going to be steam rolled" pepster101 JosephinaAlexis
8.9 "The game, its crazy" pepster101 jbshafer
8.10 "And The Winner Is... PART 1" pepster101 JoshJosh123
8.11 "And The Winner Is... PART 2" pepster101 crazyguy711
8.12 "And The Winner Is... PART 3" pepster101 Expendable17
8.13 "And The Winner Is... PART 4: Winner: pepster101



8.14 "Reunion" N/A N/A
  • ofl1998 Decided to make Seal Safe
    • GiGi10 Decided to make Nutty Safe

The Game:


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