Average's Big Brother
Season 3
Alexa Day 1     
Easton Day 1     
Jacob Day 1     
Jax Day 1     
Jenn Day 1     
John Day 1     
Katherine Day 1     
Keats Day 1     
Latisha Day 1     
Nathan Day 1     
Steven Day 1     
Tanner Day 1    SAFE 
Tony Day 1     
Brad Day 1  Day 8   
AJ Day 1  Day 5   
Sneaker Day 1  Day 3   
Daniel Day 1  Day 2   

Average's Big Brother 3 is the third season in AverageFinish's Big Brother series. It began on August 15th, 2015. It is the biggest season yet with 17 total houseguests. Unfortunately, it was cancelled about 2 months ago. Even though it was Season 3, it may be the last season, and it's still unfinished.

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