(Bhd's Survivor)

BestHeroD's Survivor Series began it's first season on March 12th 2012 . It's an online competition based on the original Survivor game. It's hosted on the Tengaged site.

A sum of castaways enter a season to be split up on tribes. Those tribes fight for immunity, and the losing tribe(s) faces tribal council, where they'll vote out a member.

Eventually the castaways will merge into one tribe where the castaways will fight for individual immunity. Then, everyone goes to tribal council and vote people out.

Generally around the merge castaways that are voted out go to the jury. The jury is a group of recently voted castaways that help decide a winner. Generally there are an odd # of people in the jury, but seasons can vary. People are voted out until 2 or 3 or a certain # of people are left. Then the jury votes for the winner. The person voted the winner is then named the "Sole Survivor" of that season.

On This page there are the twists that are gonna happen in the future and what has happened so far BhdsTwists


Survivor Name

Sole Survivor


Player of the Season


Survivor: Nepal





Survivor: Gabon


Jake B



Survivor:Roman Empire James Epstar/Tepr Am 4-2-1
Survivor:Galapagos Danny Dark/Epstar Dark 5-1-1
Survivor.Mexico BwBurke Nessarose Josh 5-2
Survivor:EasterIsland Sparks Bingo Bingo 5-2
Survivor.SouthAfrica Eric Sim/Russel Eric 3-1-1
Survivor.All Stars Eric Meow/Flame Meow 4-3-2
Survivor:Cambodia Jeff Jflora/Hudspith Jeff 5-1-1
Survivor:China Jacob Matt K/Jason Reddy 8-1-0
Survivor.HvV Jake H Zack/Eric Sarge 7-3-2
Survivor:Peru Mearl Luk Mearl 5-2

Most Amount of Days PlayedEdit


    1. of Days

Oringinal Season

Times Played
Eric(Econ21) 189 Mexico 4
Jake H(Jakehou97) 168


Zack(Zattack) 165 Nepal 4
Danny(Chantra1) 141 Galapagos 4
JBC(JBC8) 123 Galapagos 3
Epstar (Epstar59) 108 Roman Empire 3
Sim(Simvivorway) 102 SouthAfrica 2
Jacob(Lemjam6) 96 China 2
Sarge(Sarge455) 93 EasterIsland 2
Jake B (JakeBell) 90



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