Bash's Big Brother
Season 1
Big Brother 14 Logo
Name Entry Exit      
AJ F. Day 1     
Daniel L. Day 1     
Devin A. Day 1     
Emma R. Day 1     
Erich P. Day 1     
Ethan H. Day 1     
Jonathan G. Day 1     
Lauren Z. Day 1     
Lorelai G. Day 1     
Shon B. Day 1     
Taylor G. Day 1     
Tommy M. Day 1     
Will M. Day 1     
Head of Household
Jury Member
POV Power of Veto Holder


The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons. "HouseGuests" (contestants) are sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to or from the outside world. Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries, and power in the House.The winner of the weekly Head of Household competition is guaranteed a week of safety and nominates two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. After a HouseGuest becomes Head of Household, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next Head of Household competition.HouseGuests usually also take part in weekly Have vs. Have-Not competitions in which they are divided into either the "Haves" or the "Have-Nots" depending on their performance in the competition. HouseGuests that become "Have Nots" for the week have to eat "Big Brother slop" along with a weekly food restriction (chosen by the viewing public), take cold showers, and sleep on beds that look like airplane seats. The winner of the Power of Veto competition wins the right to revoke the nomination of one of the nominated HouseGuests. If the Veto winner uses this power, the person (Head of Household) who nominated the vetoed player must immediately nominate another HouseGuest for eviction.

On eviction night, all HouseGuests except for the Head of Household and the nominees vote to evict one of the three nominees. This compulsory vote is conducted in the privacy of the Diary Room by the host Bash Chen. In the event of a tie, the Head of Household casts the deciding vote, announcing it in front of the other HouseGuests. Unlike most other versions of Big Brother, the HouseGuests may discuss the nomination and eviction process openly and freely. The nominee with the greatest number of votes will be evicted from the House on the weekly live broadcast, exiting to an adjacent studio to be interviewed by Chen, after which the cycle begins again. HouseGuests may voluntarily leave the House at any time and those who break the rules may be expelled from the house by Big Brother. The final seven HouseGuests evicted during the season will vote for the winner on the season finale. These "Jury Members" will be sequestered in a separate house and will not be allowed to watch the show except for competitions and ceremonies that include all of the remaining HouseGuests. The jury members will not be shown any Diary Room interviews or any footage that may include strategy or details regarding nominations.

In a twist this season, The Head of Household will nominate 3 houseguests every week. However, the Power of Veto MUST be used on 1 of the 3 nominees, leaving 2 up for eviction. This will show loyalty and could as well show betrayal thus dubbing this Big Brother 1: Befriend or Betrayal.


Username Houseguests Occupation
AJF00 AJ F. Surfer
DanielLuana Daniel L.  Unemployed 
Lionhart12 Devin A. Biologist
EmmaTheFab Emma R. Student
Erich5643 Erich P. Personal Trainer
Ethan0003 Ethan H. Cowboy
JGoodies Jonathan G. Deacon
HalloweenTengaged Lauren Z. Freelance Journalist
TyBoy618 Lorelai G. Laywer
BaileyBoy1 Shon B. Surgeon
Greedybatman606 Taylor G. Model
MsCocoa Tommy M. Fashionista
NBAisAwesome24 Will M. Professional NBA Player

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