House 1Edit

Week: 1 2 3
King of Castle: Megan Ryan Jimmy
Pre Deadweights Jimmy,Bill Megan,Jessica Jessica,Bill
Survivor of Exile: Ryan Jimmy Jimmy
Post Deadweights: Jimmy,Rachel Megan,Jessica Jessica,Bill
Ryan Rachel KOC Bill
Jimmy DW Megan KOC
Jessica Rachel DW DW
Bill Rachel Megan DW
Megan KOC DW Exiled (20th)
Rachel DW Exiled (24th)

House 2Edit

Week: 1 2 3
King of Castle: Kathy Connor Peter
Pre Deadweights Connor,Peter Britney,Kathy Katie,Kathy
Survivor of Exile: Britney Kathy Peter
Post Deadweights: Peter,Bob Britney,Peter Katie,Kathy
Katie Peter Britney DW
Connor Bob KOC Kathy
Kathy KOC Britney DW
Britney Bob DW Exiled (19th)
Bob DW Exiled (23rd)

House 3Edit

Week: 1 2 3
King of Castle: Jacob Zach Jacob
Pre Deadweights: Michael,Autumn Michael,Martin Autumn,Zach
Survivor of Exile: Michael Zach Jacob
Post Deadweights: Autumn,Erika Michael,Martin Autumn,Zach
Jacob KOC Martin KOC
Michael Autumn DW Autumn
Zach Erika KOC DW
Autumn DW Martin DW
Martin Erika DW Exiled (18th)
Erika DW Exiled (22nd)

House 4Edit

Week: 1 2 3
King of Castle: Michelle James Terry
Pre Deadweights: Susan,Courtney Michelle,Natalie Susan,Natalie
Survivor of Exile: Natalie Susan Terry
Post Deadweights: Susan, Courtney Michelle,Natalie Susan,Natalie
Susan DW Michelle DW
Terry Courtney Michelle KOC
James Courtney KOC Natalie
Natalie Susan DW DW
Michelle KOC DW Exiled (17th)
Courtney DW Exiled (21st)

Mansion Edit

Week: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
King of Castle: Peter James Jessica Jacob Connor Jacob Peter James Ryan Peter Ryan None
Pre Deadweights: Zach,Jacob Ryan,Jimmy Katie,Peter James,Ryan Peter,Terry Peter,James Jessica,Jacob Ryan,Susan Peter,James Jacob,Jessica Peter,Jacob
Survivor of Exile: Ryan Susan Susan Jessica Ryan Jessica Peter None Ryan Ryan None
Post Deadweights: Zach,Jacob Jimmy,Peter Katie,Peter Ryan,Michael Peter,Terry Peter,Connor Jessica,Jacob Peter,James Jacob,Jessica
Ryan Jacob Jimmy Katie DW Terry Connor N/V DW KOC Jessica Jacob Winner
Peter KOC DW DW Ryan DW DW KOC DW KOC DW Runner Up
Jacob DW Jimmy Katie KOC Terry Connor DW Susan James DW Exiled (3rd) Ryan
Jessica Zach Peter KOC Michael Terry Peter DW Susan James DW Exiled (4th) Ryan
James Zach KOC Katie Michael Terry Connor N/V Special Power DW Exiled (5th) Peter
Susan Zach Jimmy Katie Michael Terry Peter N/V DW Exiled (6th) Ryan
Connor Zach Peter Peter Ryan KOC DW Exiled (7th) Peter
Terry Zach Jimmy Katie Michael DW Exiled (8th) Ryan
Michael Jacob Jimmy Katie DW Exiled (9th) Ryan
Katie Zach Jimmy DW Exiled (10th)
Jimmy Jacob DW Exiled (11th)
Zach DW Exiled (12th)

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