Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
AustinRules6969 Sook Jai
AwesomeDude Chuay Gahn
bwburke94 Sook Jai
Comando6661 Chuay Gahn
Emmett4 Sook Jai
Flamelord Chuay Gahn
hinata0014 Sook Jai
Juergen Sook Jai
kindlycruel1 Chuay Gahn
lamontlamar1998 Chuay Gahn
Milkisgood Chuay Gahn
RespectThePouch Chuay Gahn
sergeant Chuay Gahn
sonic6668 Sook Jai
survivor23 Sook Jai
SurvivorRocks Sook Jai

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