Contestant Original Tribe Finish Total Votes
Ty_Conner Tayak Quit
(Day 2)
jongat Tayak Quit
(Day 3)
KingB24 Lutai 1st Voted Out
(Day 5)
Bdreezy15 Boa Boa
bwburke94 Boa Boa
coolnarwhal88 Lutai 1
EliOrtiz1234 Lutai
epstar59 Boa Boa
Flamelord Boa Boa
hinata0014 Boa Boa
ItsaMeJack Lutai 1
jcolfer123 Tayak
kmaynor2 Boa Boa
NeilTheNinja Lutai 1
peace123 Lutai 1
PeaceOut14 Boa Boa
Realchance Lutai 1
rstar51 Boa Boa
sfeviston Tayak
sportsgeek12 Tayak
Survivorfan1111 Tayak
tengaged_return Tayak
tyler2112 Lutai 1
Unit8890 Tayak

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