Survivor sarawak

Bcl's Survivor Series

Welcome to Sarawak! A beautiful island region that is flourished by the beautiful flowers and crystal clear waters. But, this place has been haunted with its cannibal past, and some clues of its haunting past still remain.

16 contestants will step foot onto the Malaysian island of Sarawak. They will be stranded in a rain forest and be forced to survivor in the forest with only water and the island's natural resources. They must learn to survive these tropical conditions. Can they outwit, outlast, and outplay their fellow players and become sole survivor? Who can outwit, outplay, and outlast their fellow competitors? 16 survivors... 1 tropical island... 1 sole survivor... This is... SURVIVOR SARAWAK!!!


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
DeadBeatJonah14 Batu 16th 3
mrbigcar Tenga 15th 4
lego_toy99 Tenga 14th 5
Jalande Tenga 13th 5
Boots22 Tenga Batu 12th 5
bwburke94 Batu Batu 11th 5
Quinn791 Batu Tenga 10th 0
EliOrtiz1234 Batu Batu
9th 4
Sergeant Batu Batu 8th 9
zach3051 Batu Tenga 7th 6
pekic Batu Batu 6th 6
Flamelord Batu Tenga 5th 5
clair2132 Tenga Tenga 4th 7
wyatt33 Tenga Tenga 3rd 5
likeablejake Tenga Batu 2nd 6
hinata0014 Tenga Tenga 1st 0

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Immunity Voted Out Day
1 bwburke94 DeadBeatJonah14 1st Voted Off Day 3
hinata0014 mrbigcar 2nd Voted Off Day 3
2 Batu lego_toy99 3rd Voted Off Day 6
3 Batu Jalande 4th Voted Off Day 9
4 Tenga Boots22 5th Voted Off Day 12
5 Tenga bwburke94 6th Voted Off Day 15
6 None Quinn791 Medically Evacuted Day 18
7 zach3051 EliOrtiz1234

7th Voted Off Day 21 1st Juror

8 zach3051 Sergeant 8th Voted Off Day 24 2nd Juror
9 likeablejake zach3051 9th Voted Off Day 27 3rd Juror



10th Voted Off Day 30 4th Juror

11 hinata0014 Flamelord

11th Voted Off Day 33 5th Juror

11 hinata0014 clair2132

12th Voted Off Day 36 6th Juror

11 wyatt33 2nd-Runner-Up Day 39
11 likeablejake Runner-Up Day 39
11 hinata0014 Winner Day 39
  • likeablejake originally won immunity but gave it to hinata0014

Voting HistoryEdit

Voting History
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11
Eliminated DeadBeatJonah14 mrbigcar lego_toy99 Jalande Boots22 bwburke94 Quinn791 EliOrtiz1234 Sergeant zach3051 pekic Flamelord clair2132
Votes 3/8 4/8 4/7 4/6 3/6 4/5 No Vote 3/9 4/8 5/7 3/6 4/5 3/4
hinata0014 mrbigcar lego_toy99 Jalande Sergeant likeablejake zach3051 pekic Flamelord clair2132
likeablejake Boots22 lego_toy99 Jalande bwburke94 bwburke94 EliOrtiz1234 Sergeant zach3051 pekic Flamelord clair2132
wyatt33 wyatt33 wyatt33 wyatt33 likeablejake wyatt33 zach3051 likeablejake Flamelord wyatt33
clair2132 clair2132 lego_toy99 clair2132 clair2132 likeablejake clair2132 clair2132 clair2132 clair2132
Flamelord Flamelord EliOrtiz1234 Sergeant zach3051 likeablejake Flamelord
pekic DeadBeatJonah14 boots22 bwburke94 pekic Sergeant pekic pekic
zach3051 zach3051 EliOrtiz1234 likablejake zach3051
Sergeant Sergeant boots22 bwburke94 Sergeant Sergeant
EliOrtiz1234 DeadBeatJonah14 boots22 bwburke94 likeablejake
Quinn791 pekic Evacuated
bwburke94 EliOrtiz1234 Sergeant likeablejake
Boots22 mrbigcar Boots22 Jalande Sergeant
Jalande mrbigcar Jalande Jalande
lego_toy99 lego_toy99 lego_toy99
mrbigcar mrbigcar
DeadBeatJonah14 DeadBeatJonah14
  • hinata0014 played an idol on jake at F6 which neglected 2 votes.
  • Flamelord played an idol at F6 but didn't receive any votes.

Jury Vote


0/3 votes


1/3 votes


2/3 votes

Juror Vote
zach3051 hinata0014
Sergeant hinata0014
EliOrtiz1234 likeablejake

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