Season Location Tribes Winner Runner-Up 2nd
Expedition Robinson 1 Pulau Mensirip, Malaysia Two tribes of ten Milkisgood gbold1 rstar51

Introduced Secret Island

Expedition Robinson 2 Caramoan, Phillippines Three tribes of six, including 6 past members on a tribe Bob22 Awsomeone epstar59 Many people were removed during the season.
Expedition Robinson 3 Samoa Two tribes of 8 Avatar3939 Kpnna TVCompetitive First time there was a double tribal.

Expedition Robinson 4 - Fans vs Favorites

Pulau Seribuat, Malaysia Two tribes of 9 with past competiters TheColtsPower Aksp53 epstar59

First season to have a joker

Expedition Robinson 5 Pulau Seribuat, Malaysia Two tribes of 10 including 4 past players Ramone66 realityfan12 Aksp53 First time Everybody had a Hidden Immunity Idol

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