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Bclrockschamp is one of the group game hosts on the Tengaged website. Before Tengaged, he was always obsessed with Survivor, and loves doing the game. When he joined Tengaged, he always had an opportunity to play something like Survivor. Now he hosts a new Survivor Series which is this group called Bcl's Survivor . People usually refer to him as Bcl.

Bclrockschamp usually likes to do Survivor Group games, and does ton of Survivor Group games (including sometimes fast ones), and loves to co host with good friends of his. He is now currently hosting a new Survivor Series called Survivor Borneo and it will stay strong unlike the last survivor's he hosted.

Survivor Group GamesEdit

Game Placing Individual Immunites Hidden Immunity Idols
LoganWorm's Survivor: The Plains 13/18 0 0
Esquiff's Survivor ?? ?? ??
SurvivorKen23's Survivor Tahiti ?? ?? ??
Drago's Survivor Individuality 3/9 0 1

Drago's Survivor IndividualityEdit

When Bclrockschamp first came in on Day 1, he didnt know what to expect when he saw he was in Palau. He made an alliance with Supahhero and Elijah2020 on day 1, and thought he had the game under control. Bclrockschamp didnt really show up to the immunity challenge due to him being at school during the time, so then he had to try the strategic game. He voted for TarynNicole and then she went home along with ivan1234. Bclrockschamp played an under the radar game, but strategized his whole way though the game with Elijah2020. On Day 2, Bclrockschamp didnt realize what Big Brother Day meant, so didnt do anything bout it. He knew he wasnt into any trouble,.so he didnt mind it. He thought that Supahhero was also a threat during the game and strategized with Elijah2020 about it. During the strategic game, it was a powerful accomplishment between Bclrockschamp, Supahhero, and Elijah2020, but when it came down to the final 6, strategy became trickier and more harder. Bclrockschamp, Elijah2020 and Supahhero voted for Cooldude1234, and he was voted out. When it came down to final 5, the game was harder and harder, and Bclrockschamp had to strategize even more and more. His original plan was to get rid of Supahhero, but the plan was failed, so that was why Chris123459 was voted out. Then in the finale, in the final challenge, Bclrockschamp was close to winning, but Supahhero beat him to it and voted him out and took Elijah2020 to the end, where in the end, Supahhero won Survivor Individuality.

Esquiff's SurvivorEdit

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SurvivorKen23's Survivor TahitiEdit

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