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23 August 2012 - present


Janelle_Pierzina (Season 4-)


4 (as of December 2012)

BigBruv's Big Brother (currently known as Janelle and BigBruv's Big Brother as of the fourth season) is a group game on Tengaged based on the American edition of Big Brother, originally created by John De Mol in 1997. The group follows a group of contestants (known as HouseGuests) living together twenty-four hours a day in BigBruv's "Big Brother" house, isolated from the outside world but under constant surveillance with no privacy for up to three weeks.

The HouseGuests compete for the chance to win the title of "Big BrotherChampion" by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last HouseGuest remains at the end of the season to claim the title until the following season where another winner is crowned. The game is hosted and produced by Tengaged user BigBruv.

Before the launch of the first season, a UK edition was produced, and was supposed to return for a second series in January 2013 prior to it's cancellation in September 2012.

Main seriesEdit

In the first three seasons, eviction nights and competitions have been hosted by BigBruv. Beginning with the fourth season, group entrepreneur Janelle_Pierzina took the role of a co-host with BigBruv. From the fourth season onwards, the group was stylized as Janelle and BigBruv's Big Brother.


There are three main concepts of the show: Head of Household, Power of Veto, and the Jury House. Beginning with the first season, the HouseGuests compete to become Head of Household once a week, and is responsible for nominating two HouseGuests for eviction. During the live eviction show, HouseGuests individually go into the Diary Room (throughout the day, whenever the HouseGuest is active) and cast their vote to evict. BigBruv then reveals the results to the House, and tells the evicted HouseGuest that they have a few moments to leave the house. In the event of a tie, the Head of Household will vote to break the tie. When two HouseGuests remain, evicted HouseGuests vote for a winner, and in the event of a tie, The rest of Tengaged will cast the final vote in a poll.

The Power of Veto winner can choose to veto (save) one of the Head of Household's initial nominations. When this happens, the HoH chooses a replacement nominee for the vetoed HouseGuest. Other form of vetoes can be used in the game, such as the "Crystal Power of Veto", which only a nominee could win, the "Diamond Power of Veto" where the veto winner could choose a replacement nominee, and the "Coup d'État", which was given to Alicia in the first season giving her to ability to save both nominees, and choose her own.

The Big Brother Jury began in the very first season of Big Brother USA. Because there were three HouseGuests in the Season 1 finale, there were 9 jurors, meaning from 11th Place onwards, evicted HouseGuests entered the "Jury House". For the first season there were nine Jurors. From Season 2 onwards, all evicted HouseGuests became Jurors as long as they joined the Jury House group on Tengaged.

Live evictionEdit

Live evictions happen every other day in the Big Brother House. Only Jury Members are interviewed by BigBruv when they are evicted, beginning from Season 2. The eviction tends to happen shortly after a HouseGuest is evicted.


Season detailsEdit

# Season Days HouseGuests Start date End date Winner Vote
UK Big brother al
UK Edition
13 20 23 August 2012 4 September 2012 Jack 62.5%
1 BigBruv's Big Brother 1 USA
Fall of Twists
42 7 September 2012 19 October 2012 Missy  5-4
2 BigBruv's Big Brother 2
26 12 + 1 returning contestant 19 October 2012 23 November 2012 4-3
3 BigBruv's Big Brother 3
Dynamic Duos
22 10 + 6 returning contestants 23 November 2012 14 December 2012  Roseanna 6-1 
4 BigBruv's Big Brother 4
Back To Basics
25 14 15 December 2012 11 January 2013 TBA TBA
5 BigBruv's Big Brother 5
All Stars
TBA 16 returning contestants 18 January 2013 TBA TBA TBA


Season Information
UK Big Brother UK was originally going to be a full series but this season alone was the only one to take place before it was canceled in September 2012.
1 Billed as Fall of Twists. Prior to the launch, a poll was opened to decide the twists for the first series. Coaches, Secret Partners & Coup d'État were all played during the series as a result of this poll.
2 Featured Cliques. On launch night, HouseGuests were split into four groups of three. This season featured a 'Mystery Season 1 HouseGuest' return to the game.
3 Will feature the popular Big Brother twist, Dynamic Duos. Every week the HouseGuests are in duos and are nominated as duos. The HouseGuest who survives eviction receives a Gold Key to the Final 12.
4 Will not feature a big twist unlike previous seasons, with just fourteen brand new HouseGuests competing with or against each other for the winning title.
5 Sixteen of the best contestants return to compete in All Stars. 12 Veterans will enter the house on the premiere followed by 4 'Wildcard' veterans, one from each of the previous four seasons.

Tengaged's VoteEdit

In some cases, Tengaged can affect the game via polls updated to the group. For the first two seasons, Tengaged was required to choose the twists for the season and, in some cases, pick HouseGuests to win special powers. They can also vote for their Favourite Pre-Juror, Favourite Juror and Who Should Win in case of a tie (if a HouseGuest in the Jury does not vote). In Head of Household competitions and Power of Veto competitions, topping a poll is required.

Tengaged's Vote Season Tengaged's Choice Winning %
Which Twist Would You Like To See? 1 Coaches 22.2%
Secret Partners 13.9%
Coup d'État 11.1%
Who Should Vote on Evictions? The Housemates 0.9%
Tengaged's Favourite HouseGuest (Coup d'État) Alicia 20.3%
Week 3: Vote for POV 37.5%
Slow Game VS Fast Game Fast Game 66.7%
Tengaged's Favourite Pre-Jury Evictee Alina 31.4%
Biggest Strategist Eddie 38.9%
Worst Gameplan Danny 50%
Worst Game Move Voting out the Coaches
Floater of the Season Danny 45%
Hero of the Season Eddie 40%
Villian of the Season JB
Week 10: Vote for Final HOH Eddie 74.1%
Tengaged's Favourite Juror 53.8%
Favourite Overall HouseGuest Missy 26.7%
Who Are You Rooting For? 2 Week 1: Angie & Missy 16.1%
Week 2: Angie 28.6%
Week 3: Angie 33.3%
Week 4: Angie 29.4%
Week 5: Angie 25%
Week 6: Angie, Cole, Missy & Matt 20%
Week 7: Missy 27.8%
Week 8: Angie 42.9%
Week 9: Roseanna, Katie, Cole, Missy 25%
Week 10: Cole, Missy 35.7%
America's Favorite Pre-Jury Evictee Patricia 50%
Hero of the Season Angie 37.5%
Villain of the Season Jared 38.9%
Floater of the Season Xavier 35.3%
Competitor of the Season Roseanna 50%
Social Player of the Season Missy 52.9%
Manipulator of the Season Cole 31.2%
America's Favorite Juror Angie & Matt 33.3%
Favourite Overall HouseGuest Seth 21.1%

Pandora's BoxEdit

Opening Pandora's Box can unleash a good consequence and a bad consequence. Pandora's Box is a room located adjacent to the Head of Household bedroom and can be opened by only the HoH, although the consequences of opening Pandora's Box can affect the entire house.

     – Pandora's Box was opened.
HoH Season Week Good Consequence Bad Consequence
Eddie 1 Week 3 Given the power to cancel an eviction, but had to change his nominees.
Alicia 1 Week 4 Could nominate a third HouseGuest, and two HouseGuests would be evicted that week.
Ty 1 Week 6 Could nominate a third HouseGuest, and two HouseGuests would be evicted that week.
Katie 2 Week 6 Unleashed a Special Power for herself. Cliques returned for one week.

Controversy and CriticismEdit

BigBruv's Big Brother UKEdit

Upon her leaving the house, Janey went on to abuse the host, BigBruv, telling him that the show was rigged, after he gave Lucy another week of immunity as part of passing a task. Janey criticised his performed as a host and the group game itself, saying that the twists were cr*p, the group was unoriginal, and that BigBruv produced the group 'wrongly'. Janey has continued to abuse BigBruv to this day.

After much consideration, BigBruv decided to not return to BigBruv's Big Brother UK, and instead continued with the USA version, which he renewed for a second season for January 2013.

BigBruv's Big Brother 1Edit

The host was once again accused of rigging the show, by Big Brother 1 HouseGuest JB. He noted Eddie and Ty as the two HouseGuests BigBruv rigged the show for, although this was not the case.

BigBruv's Big BrotherEdit

See Article: BigBruv's Big Brother

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