Big Brother, BITCH!
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Production Staff
Jacob (Kpnna) Host/Producer Season 1 – present
Jeremy (Ladybug5) Assistant Manager Season 1
Nick (NickDaBoss) Assistant
Season 2
Sasha (SashaBaby2010) Assistant
Season 2
Lewis (Thorpey5599) Artwork Director Season 3
– present
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Big Brother, BITCH! is a group game hosted by Kpnna. BBB is Kpnna's second Big Brother series, and his third series overall, along with Expect the Unexpected and Bigg Boss. The series was officially announced on Sunday, September 28, 2014 after many months of speculation about a new series. Season 1 applications opened Sunday, September 28, 2014 with the announcement of the series. The first season premiered on Sunday, October 5, 2014 and concluded on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 with Mearl being crowned the winner. The second season premiered on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, and ended with Bobby being crowned the winner on Saturday, July 1, 2017. Applications for Season 3 opened on Sunday, October 15, 2017.


Application ProcessEdit

Typically, the application process consists of three rounds, with each round lasting 1-3 day(s) each. For the first round, interested users simply post their name in the group to indicate that they are interested in possibly participating. Everyone that applied for Round 1 automatically makes it into Round 2. For the second round, applicants are asked to fill out a form, asking for basic information, scheduling information, gameplays and strategies, and contact information. Applicants are notified privately if they did not qualify for Round 3. For the third round, applicants are asked to fill out a questionnaire containing approximately 10 questions. After the third round is submitted, the applicant is required to partake in an interview with Kpnna. The interview takes place over a Skype call. Applicants do not find out if they qualified for the season until the premiere date and cast reveal.

Season 2 ExceptionEdit

The season 2 application process specifically had to be reduced due to the limited timeframe the host had before leaving on an extended trip. Therefore, houseguests completed Rounds 2, 3, and the interview as quickly as possible after Round 1.


The game is created and hosted by Kpnna. He creates the twists and the competitions, chooses the houseguests, and hosts all live events. The assistant manager(s) helps Kpnna to make sure the game runs smoothly, and hosts live events in the event Kpnna is unable to.


The game works in a 2-day format, with a houseguest being evicted every two days. Typically, the eviction and HoH competition will take place on one day, and the nomination ceremony, PoV competition, and PoV ceremony take place on the second day. However, this could vary by season depending on the twist, Most events are live and hosted daily, resulting in seasons that typically last less than a month.


Season # Season Name Premiere Date End Date Houseguests Days Winner
Season 1 Majority Rules Oct 5 2014 Oct 29 2014 16 25 Mearl (Mearl)
Season 2 Double Trouble Jun 14 2017 Jul 1 2017 14 18 Bobby (Hannah_Parks)
Season 3 Risky Business Oct 2017 TBD TBA TBD TBD


In a Single SeasonEdit

Record Holder Season Frequency Notes
Most HoH Wins Bobby (Hannah_Parks) 2 - Double Trouble 6 HoH Wins 2 of these HoHs were "vote" HoHs, where the houseguests could vote on who they wanted for HoH (in addition to the competition winner) for the first 5 evictions. As a result, Bobby won 3 HoHs in a row. Bobby still holds the record for most HoH competition wins with 4.
Most Times Nominated Ashley (Ashszoke) 2 - Double Trouble 8 Nominations N/A
Most PoV Wins Mearl (Mearl) 1 - Majority Rules 3 Veto Wins N/A
Eric (Econ21) 2 - Double Trouble N/A
Most Competition Wins Mearl (Mearl) 1 - Majority Rules 6 Competition Wins N/A
Most Times Getting Vetoed Mearl (Mearl) 1 - Majority Rules 3 Times Vetoed N/A
Ashley (Ashszoke) 2 - Double Trouble N/A
Most Post-Veto Nominations Zach (Snake) 1 - Majority Rules 4 Post-Veto Nominations N/A
Ashley (Ashszoke) 2 - Double Trouble N/A
Most Evictions Survived Ashley (Ashszoke) 2 - Double Trouble 4 Evictions Survived N/A
Most Eviction Votes Against Overall Mike (ForceMike1) 1 - Majority Rules 11 Eviction Votes N/A
Most Eviction Votes Against in a Single Eviction Mike (ForceMike1) 1 - Majority Rules 11 Eviction Votes N/A
Most Amount of Jury Votes Received Mearl (Mearl) 1 - Majority Rules 6 Jury Votes Jury consisted of 9 jurors; 3 people in finals
Least Amount of Jury Votes Received Jay (JMez2612) 2 - Double Trouble 0 Jury Votes Jury consisted of 7 jurors; 3 people in finals

In Multiple SeasonsEdit

(not yet applicable)

List of All Houseguests & PlacingsEdit

Houseguests & Placings
Name TG User Season Status Placing / Total HG
Adam Anoreoz897 1 Evicted 14th / 16
Addrian Addrian 1 Runner-Up 3rd / 16
Ashley Ashszoke 2 Runner-Up 2nd / 14
Bobby Hannah_Parks 2 Winner 1st / 14
Brandon Bigbrotherfan911 1 Evicted 6th / 16
Brien Justdontevictme 2 Evicted 5th / 14
Chris Mybash_ 2 Evicted 4th / 14
Colt xFinesseKing 2 Evicted 8th / 14
Cýsco AchillesSteel 1 Evicted 5th / 16
Dylan Halloween 2 Evicted 11th / 14
Elijah Epicwafflez23 2 Walked 9th / 14
Eric Econ21 2 Evicted 6th / 14
Garret OMGitsGARRET 1 Evicted 12th / 16
Haylee Kaylabby 2 Walked 14th / 14
Jabbar Rabbaj 1 Evicted 10th / 16
Jace AtlantaHawksFan 1 Evicted 16th / 16
Jake Jkjkjk15 2 Evicted 12th / 14
Jay JMez2612 2 Runner-Up 3rd / 14
Jerry GerardoM13 2 Evicted 7th / 14
Lewis Thorpey5599 2 Evicted 10th / 14
Matthew Goldfishy 1 Evicted 11th / 16
Mearl Mearl 1 Winner 1st / 16
Mike ForceMike1 1 Evicted 15th / 16
Nick NickDaBoss 1 Runner-Up 2nd / 16
Romeo BritishRomeo17 2 Evicted 13th / 14
Steve 2Beastly 1 Evicted 7th / 16
Steven Smackdownisblue 1 Evicted 8th / 16
Tyler TylerTheGreat 1 Ejected 13th / 16
Vanessa iGoddess 1 Evicted 9th / 16
Zach Snake 1 Evicted 4th / 16

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