Big Brother: Next Generation
Big Brother Next Gen
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cool99 (Series 1 - present)


6 October 2012 - present


Series 1 - TBA

Big Brother: Next Generation 'is a group game series which began on 5th October 2012. It mixes different Big Brother formats from around the world as well as its own unique changes. It is hosted by cool99 .

Series DetailsEdit

Below are basic details of each series.

Series Motto Dates Housemates Winner Days Ratings average Notes
Series 1 A New Way To Play 6/10/12 - 17/11/12 14 ??? 43 39 (to date)
Series 2 TBA TBA 16 ??? TBA TBA

Differences Edit

The game has very different rules compared to your typical BB group game. First, the Golden Key Holder must decide the first nominee. Then, the rest of the house nominates one fellow housemate and the one with the most votes will also face the public vote. Then it is up to the public to vote someone out. A shopping task also takes place in between nominations and the eviction. Sometimes, secret tasks are implemented. Rewards include immunity, a bigger impact on nominations and their own private bedroom. In series one, The Tree of Tempation was used to implement the secret tasks, a similar way to how tasks were given in the real UK Big Brother.

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