Big Brother
Big Brother 2: Friends and Foes
Name Entry Exit      
Hikeygirl101 Day 1  Day 56   
bekla123 Day 1  Day 56   
countrygirl15701 Day 1  Day 48   
AceSurvivor Day 1  Day 45   
yohan47013 Day 1  Day 41   
valgarfield Day 1   
cnathaniel Day 1   
violetcia Day 1   
JordanP Day 1   
FabulousYetClassy Day 1   
jueboy21 Day 1   
Janelle_Pierzina Day 1   
LoganGage14 Day 1   
tannerandkaleb Day 1   
Big Brother 2: Friends and Foes premiered on Friday, October 6th, 2011. It featured fourteen all new HouseGuests. Hikeygirl101 was crowned the winner, by a vote of 5-2.


The game will be played in the usual format with a major twist. For the first time ever, the HouseGuests will each be assigned a secret Friend and a secret Foe. They must keep their Friend in the house for as long as possible, while their Foe is evicted. If this is the case for a certain HouseGuest, then they will receive a special power at a predetermined Friend and Foe Checkpoint. Hikeygirl101, AceSurvivor, and valgarfield were the only three HouseGuests to receive the special power at the checkpoint. The special power was the Power of Double, introduced in Big Brother 1: Twists and Turns, and it could be used at either Week Three or Week Four's evictions. Hikeygirl101 and AceSurvivor both used it Week Four on valgarfield. Because she was nominated both Week Three and Week Four, valgarfield was unable to use this power.

Friends and Foes TwistEdit

In order to earn a special power a HouseGuest must still be in the house with your Friend, but not your Foe. If a HouseGuest completed this goal by the Final Nine, they earned a special power. The special power was the Power of Double, introduced in Big Brother 1: Twists and Turns.

HouseGuest Friend Foe Status
bekla123 JordanP AceSurvivor Failed
Hikeygirl101 Janelle_Pierzina tannerandkaleb Completed
AceSurvivor Hikeygirl101 JordanP Completed
JordanP LoganGage14 countrygirl15701 Failed
Janelle_Pierzina FabulousYetClassy yohan47013 Failed
violetcia AceSurvivor LoganGage14 Failed
cnathaniel yohan47013 Janelle_Pierzina Failed
valgarfield bekla123 violetcia Completed
tannerandkaleb cnathaniel jueboy21 Failed
LoganGage14 jueboy21 cnathaniel Failed
countrygirl15701 valgarfield FabulousYetClassy Failed
jueboy21 countrygirl15701 Hikeygirl101 Failed
yohan47013 tannerandkaleb valgarfield Failed















The HouseEdit

This season, the house's living room, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, Diary Room, three bedrooms, and backyard were all redesigned. The three bedroom designs were Underwater, Outer Space, and Fairytale.

Game HistoryEdit

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 5.13.00 PM

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