Big Brother UK is the British version of the popular gameshow Big Brother. It is based upon a number of housemates living together within a house, some of which get evicted.

Nominating and EvictionEdit

Each week, the housemates will each nominate two people for eviction from the Big Brother House. Once the nominations have been counted, two or three people will find themselves up for eviction. It is then normally left for the British public to vote for who they would like to save (in the past, they voted to evict). The housemate with the most votes will be evicted. Sometimes, Big Brother will choose to alter these rules but these are generally correct.

The Basic RulesEdit

There are some rules in Big Brother UK that must be followed by housemates and whose disregard will normally result in punishment. The most important rule is not to talk about nominations. Any housemates who are found to be talking about nominations will be punished by Big Brother. Also, the damaging of fixtures and fittings and the verbal or physical abuse to another housemate will also result in punishment and sometimes will result in forced eviction.

Other differences between Big Brother UK and Big Brother USAEdit

  • Whereas Big Brother USA shows the housemates competing for chance to win Head of Household, the British version does not. Normally, all housemates are equal and every contestant has the chance to be nominated. However, recently, the Channel 5 version of Big Brother has created tasks that allow one housemate to win immunity from nominations for a week.
  • There is no Power of Veto in the British version of Big Brother. This means that it is rare that a housemate can save themselves from being evicted.
  • Big Brother UK sees the public nominating to evict the nominees on most occasions. This is unlike the American version where the housemates decide who to vote out.
  • There is a Celebrity Big Brother that runs in the United Kingdom whereas, in America, there is none.

Within TengagedEdit

The rules of Big Brother UK are the rules of Stars, the most popular and well-known game on Tengaged. It shows the players nominating themselves and then other users of Tengaged who are not playing this game will vote for an evictee. This is similar to the public voting in the real world Big Brother.

Outside LinksEdit

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