The logo for the 13th season of Big Brother USA.

Big Brother USA is a gameshow, roughly based upon the original Dutch idea of Big Brother. It shows numerous houseguests in a house controlled by a being called Big Brother. All of these houseguests must compete in challenges and use tactics to ensure their safety in their house. They all compete for a sum of money- $500,000 (except in season 6 where if a secret pair was the last remaining Houseguests the prize increased to $1,000,000)


In the first season of Big Brother USA, it resembled the British version of Big Brother and saw houseguests voting for two other houseguests, which they wish to evict- a term not coined until after this season. The two or more houseguests with the highest nominations would be placed up for eviction and had the public voting by telephone for the person they wish to be "banished".

During the second season, the Head of Household (HoH) system was brought into the game, which saw the houseguests compete in various tasks, in an attempt to win this title. The Head of Household would then have the decision of nominating two other houseguests for eviction. During the eviction show, other houseguests would then vote for who they felt should be evicted and the houseguests with the most votes would then be evicted. The Head of Household also decides who leaves if the vote is tied. In the final show, all houseguests vote for their winner.

In the third season, the Power of Veto (PoV) was introduced. Once the Head of Household has chosen his/her nominees, the houseguests then compete for the Power of Veto. This Power of Veto would allow the holder to remove one houseguest from nomination and, if used, would then force the Head of Household to choose another houseguest to replace that nominee with anyone but the winner of the Power of Veto. It was impossible for a nominee to use the Power of Veto on themselves until the end of the season three, where the "Golden" Power of Veto was introduced, which only the nominees could fight for. From the fourth season and on, the Golden Power of Veto has been the norm.

This fourth season also introduced the Big Brother Jury. This jury was made up of the first seven evicted houseguests and each day, the jury members- seperated in another house- would be shown clips of the show such as the Power of Veto ceremony and the nominations but not conversations in the Diary Room. This jury then had the decision of debating and choosing the winner of Big Brother. This happened during each following season.

Within TengagedEdit

The template of Big Brother USA is used in Rookies and "Frookies". These games allow players to compete for the Head of Household and then for the Power of Veto within the game. No outside voting happens.

Outside LinksEdit

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