A Blog is created by a user to either share news of his/her game or of another game. It can also be used to advertise a person's design or to generally chat to the other users. Blogs generally have a topic of discussion but there are some blogs that simply ask for other users to plus, simply so that the user can obtain Tengaged Dollars the quick way. All blogs have the opportunity to earn the writer of the blog money.

How to create a blogEdit

After logging into the Tengaged site, you must click the 'Blogs' tab. This will bring you to the page where blogs sit once created. On the left hand side of the page, you will see the newest blogs that have recently been created. On the right hand side of the page sit the most popular blogs. Blogs become popular if they receive many plusses.

Once on this page, you must click 'Add New Post'. This will bring you to your personal blog page which contains all of your previously created blogs. First, you must have a blog topic in mind. When you know what you would like to write about, you must give your blog a title. This title can be whatever you like but it is best if you keep it short and sweet and save the content for the 'Post' box.

Now write your blog inside the 'Post' box. Your blog can be as short or as long as you like but sometimes it is best to keep it short so that the readers don't lose interest quickly, thus making them more likely to plus it. You then have the opportunity to add a photo to your blog, although it is not necessary. This photo must be a saved photo on your computer.

Finally, you must try to give your blog a category from the category drop-down menu. This can help those who prefer to find blogs regarding a certain category rather than trawling through all of the blogs on the Blogs page. If your article does not match any of the categories, then you may leave it blank.

Earning T$ for your blogsEdit

As soon as your blog is online, you will instantly have plusses. The number of plusses depends upon your colour level. For example, a white level will instantly obtain one plus and a yellow level will obtain two plusses and so it goes on.

Your blog will only be online for a certain amount of time and after that allotted time, your plusses and your number of comments will be taken into account and you will be awarded a certain number of Tengaged Dollars.

Plussing and NeggingEdit

'Plussing' is when another user give another blog a plus and therefore increases its score. 'Negging' is the reverse and refers to when a user gives it a negative vote. The number in which you can plus or neg a blog depends on your level. For example- if you are a white level, you have the opportunity to plus or neg one point and so it goes on. This is very similar to how the Designs page works and how the Designs are chosen for Auction.

Outside LinksEdit

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