Boots22's BB 1 - Regular Basis Snitches Are Bitches

Welcome To Season One Of My Big Brother Group Game Series !!!  This Season Features 14 Housemates fighting it out for the grande prize of getting gifted by myself, Boots22!  How Will All The HGs Match Up Against Each Other??? Will They Rise Up, or Fall Short????  How Will They React With All the Different Twists and Turns???  

HighLights of Season 1:

Week 1:

Teams Twist is Announced to the Cast (Day 1), Teams being:

Team 1:

Rich Blake Brooklyn Matt Nick  Jacob Haylee

Team 2: Gabe Curtis Kaushal Peter Alexandria Oliver Sandra

Also, For Week 1, AustinBenevides Got Replaced By Benner_2304 (Day 2)

Day 3: The Veto Rule within the Teams Twist gets Seized. Veto Winner Can Now Veto Anyone!

Day 4: Brooklyn Walks From The Game Due To Laptop Trouble.

Day 5: Teams Twist Gets Reduced to Last Only 1 More Week, Due To Two People Leaving The House Week 1.

Day 9: Teams Twist Ends

Day 14: Pandora's Box This Week.  As HoH, Haylee Had the option of opening it up or not.  Haylee Decided to open Pandora's Box.  Inside Pandora's Box was a note that read "For This Upcoming POV Competition, The Head of Household, plus both of the nominees CAN NOT COMPETE !  Instead Six People Will Be Getting Chosen By Random Draw ("

Day 19:  Jury Phase begins in-game

Day 24: Haylee walks from game due to school, Peter walked from game due to leaving for vacation

Day 28 - Remaining Houseguests competed for a Diamond Power of veto Day 36 - Notice: For the Jury votes column, the houseguest that gets said after the / by each jurors eviction statement is who that juror voted to win.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10

Week 11


Haylee Curtis Gabe Haylee Peter Jacob Kaushal Gabe Curtis Gabe N/A


Gabe & Alexandria Matt & Haylee Peter & Kaushal Sandra & Curtis Rich & Jacob Kaushal & Peter Gabe & Jacob Jacob & Kaushal Gabe & Sandra Jacob & Curtis Gabe & Jacob
POV Jacob Curtis Peter Rich Curtis Jacob Gabe - DPOV Win Jacob Curtis N/A N/A
Post-Noms Sandra & Alexandria Matt & Haylee Kaushal & Blake Sandra & Oliver Rich & Gabe N/A Nick & Jacob Sandra & Kaushal Gabe & Sandra N/A N/A













Nick (3-0) Kaushal (2-0)





Jacob Wins

(4-2) [Nick failed to vote]


Alexandria Matt Kaushal Oliver Rich HoH/POV Nominated Kaushal Sandra Nominated Winner/4 jury votes
Gabe Alexandria Haylee Blake Oliver Nominated N/A Nick HoH Nominated Curtis Runner-Up/3 jury votes
Curtis Sandra


Kaushal Oliver Rich N/A Nick Kaushal HoH/POV Nominated Evicted (Day 41) - Final Juror/Jacob
Sandra Nominated Matt Blake Nominated Rich N/A Nick Nominated Nominated

Evicted (Day 36) - Sixth Juror/Jacob

Kaushal Alexandria Matt Nominated Sandra Gabe Nominated HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 33) - Fifth Juror/Gabe
Nick Sandra N/A Kaushal Oliver Rich N/A Nominated Evicted (Day 29) - Fourth Juror/Jacob
Peter Alexandria Matt Kaushal Sandra HoH Nominated Walked (Day 24) - Third Juror/N/A
Haylee HoH Nominated Blake HoH Rich Walked (Day 24) - Second Juror/Gabe
Rich Sandra Haylee Blake Oliver Nominated
Oliver N/A N/A Blake Nominated Evicted (Day 18) - Had 2 Penalty Votes Against Him
Blake Alexandria Haylee Nominated Evicted (Day 13)
Matt Alexandria Nominated Evicted (Day 9)
Alexandria Nominated Evicted (Day 4)
Brooklyn Walked (Day 4)

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