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bowling's Pokemon Survivor Series began late November 2012 with his first season. It is based off of the CBS reality show Survivor and RPG game Pokemon. Users play as Pokemon playing the game Survivor to become the Sole Survivor of their season. To become Sole Suvivor, they must begin on a tribe, survive tribal council, the merge, and any twists in their way, and  grab the votes of jury members.


# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner(s)-Up Vote
1 Viridian Forest Viridian Forest, Kanto      Brock
Ninetales (Missalice3)

Starmie (stoopkid95)

2 New Moon Island New Moon Island, Sinnoh      Bangungot
Blastoise (mjpj189) Cubone (Choirwolf) Rhydon (manalord) 5-2-1
3 Hoenn Safari Safari Zone, Hoenn      Ulovek
Lapras (seittertps1120) Blaziken (49288) Electabuzz (thefish) 3-3-2
4 Steam Cave Steam Cave      Eteboth
Sylveon (hinata0014) Grovyle (bwburke94) 4-3
5 Desert Resort - Second Chances Desert Resort, Unova      Mojave
Azurill (Ninihead25) Flareon (Coyle14) Squirtle (00northrup)


6 Whirl Islands Whirl Islands, Johto      Emas
Articuno (SkillzDatKillz) Typhlosion (Typhlosion37) 5-2
7 All Stars Indigo Plateau, Kanto      Pula
Blaziken (49288) Pichu (coolexchangestudent) Sylveon (hinata0014)



Most Days PlayedEdit

Rank Player Days Seasons
1 Pachirisu (ruefan11) 80 3 (New Moon Island, Whirl Islands, All Stars)
2 Flareon (Coyle14) 70 3 (New Moon Island, Desert Resort, All Stars)
=3 Cubone (Choirwolf) 67 3 (New Moon Island, Whirl Islands, All Stars)
=3 Pichu (coolexchangestudent) 67 3 (Hoenn Safari, Whirl Islands, All Stars)
=5 Squirtle (00northrup) 66 3 (Forest Viridian Forest, Desert Resort, All Stars)
=5 Remoraid (remorawr) 66 3 (New Moon Island, Desert Resort, All Stars)
7 Blaziken (49288) 60 2 (Hoenn Safari, All Stars)
8 Sylveon (hinata0014) 59 2 (Steam Cave, All Stars)
9 Azurill (Ninihead25) 58 3 (New Moon Island, Desert Resort, All Stars)
=10 Articuno (SkillzDatKillz) 56 2 (Steam Cave, Whirl Islands)
=10 Grovyle (bwburke94) 56 2 (Steam Cave, All Stars)
=10 Ambipom (cheese98) 56 3 (Forest Viridian Forest,Steam Cave, All Stars)

Most Individual Immunity Wins In A Single SeasonEdit

Rank Player Individual Immunity Wins Season
1 Blastoise (mjpj189) 71 New Moon Island
2 Deoxys (clutchkill3r12) 5 Hoenn Safari
3 Pachirisu (ruefan11) 51 New Moon Island
4 Sylveon (hinata0014) 4 Steam Cave

Most Tribal Immunity Wins In A Single SeasonEdit

Rank Tribe Tribal Immunity Wins Season
=1 Eteboth 72 Steam Cave
=1 Sinai 72 Desert Resort
3 Ulovek 62 Hoenn Safari
4 Pula 52 All Stars
5 Misty 4 Viridian Forest
=6 Panaginip 42 New Moon Island
=6 Dilaw 42 All Stars

Most Votes Against In A Single Season3Edit

Rank Player Votes Against Season
1 Snover (tBlizzi) 15 New Moon Island
2 Electabuzz (thefish) 14 Hoenn Safari
=3 Ralts (tadds) 13 Hoenn Safari
=3 Fennekin (Bryce333) 13 Whirl Islands
=5 Remoraid (remorawr) 12 New Moon Island
=5 Torkoal (angeloantivo) 12 Steam Cave
=5 Squirtle (00northrup) 12 All Stars

Least Votes Against In A Single SeasonEdit

Player Votes Against Season
Typhlosion (Typhlosion37) 0 Whirl Islands
Sylveon (hinata0014) 0 All Stars
Blaziken (49288) 1 Hoenn Safari
Articuno (SkillzDatKillz) 1 Whirl Islands
Cubone (Choirwolf) 2 New Moon Island
Blissey (Ilikebugs) 2 Hoenn Safari
Ralts (tadds) 2 Steam Cave
Articuno (SkillzDatKillz) 2 Steam Cave

^Note 1 : The Nightmare twist made it so that merged contestants competed individually, but placed on teams, so who won the challenge would win for their team.

^Note 2 : This tribe was affected by a tribe switch, so with different castaways on the tribe could have affected this.

^Note 3 : This includes votes negated by a hidden immunity idol.

Season CoversEdit

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