Casting is the most elementary of games on Tengaged, and loosely follows the rules of the UK version of Big Brother and US version of Big Brother 1. It costs 0T$ to join a Casting game, whereas in ealier years it used to cost 6T$ and requires White Color Level.

Game Format Edit

Casting is a game in which a user plays with 19 other players. Each day lasts twelve hours and after twelve hours, three people with be put up for eviction. One housemate is nominated due to how all of the housemates have nominated whereas the other is chosen by the algorithm- which takes into account the scores that each user gets in the task as well as other activity. After a twelve hour day, one housemate leaves and on the final day, a winner is picked from the remaining housemates.

Prizes Edit

Position Prize
Karma T$
1st 40K 20T$
2nd 10K 16T$
3rd 9K 14T$
4th 8K 10T$
5th 7K 9T$
6th 6K 8T$
7th 5K 7T$
8th 4K 6T$
9th 3K 5T$
10th 2K 4T$
11th 1K 3T$
12th 0K 2T$
13th 0K 2T$
14th 0K 0T$
15th 0K 0T$
16th 0K 0T$
17th 0K 0T$
18th 0K 0T$
19th 0K 0T$
20th 0K 0T$

Fast Mode Casting (Fasting)Edit

Fast Mode Casting (sometimes referred to as Fasting) is a shorter version of Casting. Some users prefer Fast Mode Casting because it is quicker and simpler to play. It does not include tasks nor does it include Apples or Keys. Each day lasts roughly 5 minutes, with allotted time for nominating (similar to how nominees are picked on Big Brother UK) and for evicting fellow housemates. Players of this game have the chance to win the Power of Veto (similar to that in Big Brother USA) with the only difference being that the player are picked by Tengaged via an algorythm, rather than by the housemates or through tasks. The person with this power can bypass an eviction and cannot be nominated. The final day of a Fast Mode Casting will consist of a final three players and will last for a whole twelve hours (the length of a normal day in Slow Mode Casting). After twelve hours, third, second and first positions will be awarded to the players.

Prizes for Fast Mode CastingEdit

Only those in the top three will be awarded with Karma and T$. The winner will receive 12 Karma and 8T$. The player in second place will receive 2 Karma and 6T$. The player in third place will receive 1 Karma and 4T$.

Reception Edit

Casting is generally considered the "gateway drug", in a sense, to the rest of Tengaged games. However, a large majority of users, once obtaining access to the game of Rookies, will likely not play a Casting game for a while, if at all. Because of this, Casting games are largely filled with new users.

A large majority of the older users much prefer the original Casting format to the current one, which only contained ten players, and one elimination per day.

External Links Edit

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