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Under the Pressure is a game series on that is hosted by the user Cereal222. After a failed attempt at a hunger games group game in 2012, Cereal222 went back to the drawing board in early 2013 to make plans for a much more organized, planned out group game series: Under the Pressure, a game series that includes games played based off reality shows, movies, and other types of games. The series officially started in 2013 with the first season, a 15-day game based off the British version of the television series Big Brother.


Link to Season #1:

Link to Season #2:,_Big_Brother:_Battle_of_the_Block

Link to Season #3:,_Random.org_Big_Brother_USA

Link to Season #4:,_Survivor_Panama:_Worlds_Apart

Link to Season #5:,_Big_Brother_Australia

Link to Season #6:,_Survivor_the_Canadian_Wilderness

Link to Season #7:,_Battle_For_Dream_Island

Link to Season #8:,_The_Duel

Link to Season #9:,_Big_Brother_Canada

Link to Season #10:,_BB_UK_(Again)

Link to Season #11:,_Survivor_Kaoh_Rong

Link to Season #12:,_Fresh_Meat

Link to season #13:,_Cutthroat

Link to season #14:,_Season_14:_Free_Agents

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Link to season #16:,_Big_Brother_Travel_Tournament

Link to season #17:,_Battle_of_the_Seasons

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Link to season #19:,_Survivor_Uruguay

Link to season #20:,_Badlands

Season # Of Players # Of Days Winner
Season 1: Big Brother UK 10 15 Zbase4
Season 2: Big Brother Battle of the Block 16 42 Kaseyhope101
Season 3: Big Brother USA 14 24 Arcaninefire


Season 4: Survivor Panama (White Collar Vs. Blue Collar Vs. No Collar) 18 36 DoMarco13(Amanda)
Season 5: Big Brother Australia 19 38 Alanb1
Season 6: Survivor Canadian Wilderness 16 38 PoisonIvy22
Season 7: Battle For Dream Island 22 35 Kgunzrok(Katie)
Season 8: The Duel 20 58 Glinda
Season 9: Big Brother Canada 18 60 QueenLuna
Season 10: Big Brother UK (Again) 17 46 LivvieBoo12
Season 11: Survivor Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty 24 49 Vlad21
Season 12: Fresh Meat 30 48 Kidcool404 + Crayadian
Season 13: Cutthroat 30 51 TR1364, CoolKat, Glinda, Christian, Analiese
Season 14: Free Agents 19 45 Jesse2014
Season 15: The Gauntlet 24 42 Carlyjordan14, Poisonivy22, Jameslu, Kgunzrok (Katie), Kidcool404, Livvieboo12, Virgie88, Survivorgame1
Season 16: Big Brother Travel Tournament 20 46 Marchesa, QueenMichelle, Girllover101, MaggieWong
Season 17: Battle of the Seasons 32 34 LovemeLoveme (Aleena), Christian_, Haileyyy, Chlltownofcourse
Season 18: Survivor Fiji 20 39 Analiese
Season 19: Survivor Uruguay 18 38 Vlad21
Season 20: Badlands 24 35 Brainjak, KayleighWinz, Smooth (Ariana), TR1364, YellowPenguin
Season 21: Roulette 18 35 IamRemedy, FireX, Jameslu
Season 22: Survivor Greece 18 39 Noah_Kondon
Season 23: XXX 25 ??? ???
Season 24: Sushi Smackdown ??? ??? ???
  • The number of days given in the table is the amount of days that the game will take place. In many seasons, the game will be paused for days or weeks at a time due to the host needing to leave. Therefore, seasons may actually last longer than shown in this table, but the amount of time the players will be competing is accurately shown above.

The first season, Big Brother UK, ran from August 15 to August 30, with the final polls and results taking place on October 14, 2013. Coincidentally, the person most targeted by the players ended up winning. Zbase4 was nominated for eviction almost every round. Zbase4 also recieved 12 nomination votes, the most, by far, of the first season.

Applications for the second season, Big Brother: Battle of the Block, happened on July 18th, 2014. The game started on July 20, 2014. The game ended on September 2, 2014, with all four remaining contestants declared winners. Season two was much more thought out and well received than season #1.

Season #3, Big Brother, was played from August 2 to 26th, 2014, where the competition wins were determined by, and the rest of the events (nominations, veto usage, eviction voting) were determined by contestants. In the end, Rileythepegasus101 and ArcanineFire were the two winners.

Applications for season #4, Survivor Panama: White Collar Vs. Blue Collar Vs. No Collar, happened from April 3-6, 2015. The first two rounds of gameplay happened in April and May, with the game starting full time in June 2015.

The fifth season, Big Brother Australia, begun in late June 2015.

Season six, Survivor the Canadian Wilderness, took place in July 2015, with the finale occurring on March 23, 2016.

Season 7, Battle For Dream Island, happened in August of 2015.

Celebrity Big BrotherEdit

Cereal222 also hosts a Celebrity Big Brother game not played by Tengaged users. Cereal222 chooses celebrities to compete, with the tengaged public being able to impact the game in various ways such as nominating/evicting houseguests, giving powers to houseguests, or giving out penalties.

Link to Season #1: Celebrity Big Brother: International Battle: