Classy Ladies (Season 1)
CL Season 1
Logo Creator JosephinaAlexis
Genre DramaReality

Katherine Morales
Joi Pippins
Maya McCrobie
Tamia Battle
Paula Ferarro
Jessica Olsen
Layla Henleey
Samira Gonçalves
Aide Leon
Vanessa Caddy

Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Season 1
No. of Episodes 8 (Includes Reunion)
Original Run June 7, 2013-July 2, 2013
Original Site Tengaged Groups
Season Chronology
Following Season 2
Related Shows Katherine's (2011-)
Katherine's Survivor (2013-)
Life as ME. (2013-)

The first season of Classy Ladies and making it's premiere on June 7, 2013, and making it's finale on TBA. The season consisted a number of 8 episodes that includes the reunion. 

The show features eight wonderful ladies going inside a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles, California and they will be set to live there for a certain time. The ladies will be dealing with bullying, drama, fights, reality, and test while they're there. If a classy lady doesn't follow a rule, or even breaks the rule they will be evicted from the mansion, and will not be replaced by an another girl. 

10 young ladies will be placed into a huge mansion in a Los Angeles, California. The young ladies are going to be recorded in each they do in the house while they're there. The ladies will have to prove to themselves that they are the classiest girl of California, and also prove to the viewers that they can be classy. The ladies who make it to the end, and without being removed will receive a prize of $10,000. The ladies will have to face threw some obstacles in there way like: Cheating, Lying, Fakes, and Drama, or they can all learn to love each other.

The ladies who make it until the end will receive a prize of $10,000 in the finale, and will also be rewarded with a Classy Lady certificate. Then the ladies who made it to the end, and the ones who have been evicted from the house will all return for a reunion, and the show will reveal each confessional, interview, lies, and much more that happened on the show that the ladies don't know. 

After one grand season with the ladies, the production team has decided to renew the series for a second season, and they're currently planning to bring Season Two for October, 2013.

At the reunion, the production team tells the ladies that they had a poll for the viewers, and they had to vote who they'd think would make it until the end, and if the ladie with the most votes made it to the end would earn and extra $2,500 prize, and Maya was voted the lady with the most vote, and she won the prize

Season One Slogan:
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the classiest of them all?"

Classy Ladies (Season 1) Cast:Edit

Username Name Nickname Age Location Notes
JosephinaAlexis Katherine Morales Religeous Girl 21 Overland Park, Kansas Main
DeshonBannedIsBack Joi Pippins Spoiled Chick 22 Atlanta, Georgia Main
AshleyAreHeart Maya McCrobie Sweetheart 18 Toledo, Ohio Main
MichelleObama Tamia Battle The Hardworker 19 Miami, Florida Main
MrPokeGuy9 Paula Ferraro Respectful One 23 New York, New York Main
Snowgirl57 Jessica Olsen Classy Diva 19 Los Angeles, California Main
JudiCamille Layla Henley Rich Stripper 22 Atlanta, Georgia Main
Rupaul Samira Gonçalves Nasty Classy 19 São Paulo, Brazil Main
HolaImThomasXD Aide Leon Drama Causer 21 Albany, New York Main
KarmaArrived Vanessa Caddy Engaged Girl  22 Temecula, California Main

Cast DurationEdit

Classy Ladies

Episodes 1-4 Episodes 5-8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Joi X
Katherine X
Samira X
Layla X
Jessica X
Aide X
Vanessa X


     Classy Lady appears on this episode
     Classy Lady left the mansion by her own choice
     Classy Lady was voted out the house by ladies
     Classy Lady was removed from the mansion


  • All of the ladies of the season attended the reunion in Episode 8.


No. in Series

No. in Season Title Original Air Date Comments #
1 1
"Welcome Classy Ladies"Edit

June 7, 2013

The classy ladies arrive at the mansion, and they all get to know each other by there first lady meeting. Each lady has a story about themselves that each girl liked, and even disliked about that lady. The ladies also got together again for a dinner at a fancy restaurant by there local city.
2 2 "Wack Ass B*tch" June 10, 2013       200/500

The classy ladies are getting into a little drama in the mansion with each other. Each ladie gives a confessional about another ladie that's in the mansion. Vanessa later on left the mansion, because she thought that she wasn't classy enough to make it to the end with the other girls, but wished the rest of them good-luck.
     Vanessa left the house by her own choice.

3 3 "What Do We Have Here?" June 17, 2013            -
This episode showed extra footage, behind the scenes, confessionals, and extra footage of fights that have happened in the mansion. 
4 4 "Excuse You" June 24, 2013    450/500
The ladies all get to become rivals with each other in the mansion. They all go out to a small masquerade city carnival, and help out and also get to enjoy the happening event. 
5 5 "Your Time Is Up" June 26, 2013    488/200  

All of the ladies will talk to one and other, and reveal a secret of themselves. Each lady got the chance to vote off someone off the mansion, and not recieve the $10,000 money prize. The episode was short due to it being an episode about voting off a lady off the mansion. 

     Aide was voted out the house by the other ladies.
     Jessica was removed due to causing a fight with Paula

6 6 "Don't confuse Trashy with Classy" June 27, 2013    507/500

Katherine starts some feud with Layla, because she thinks Layla is acting really fake to the other girls in the house, and in which led to a fight, and also added Samira into the drama. 

    Layla was removed off the house for causing a fight with Katherine, and Samira.
    Samira was removed off the house for causing a fight with Katherine, Joi and Layla

    Katherine was removed off the house for causing a fight with Layla, Samira and Joi.

7 7 "One Last Fight" June 29, 2013    420/500

The ladies prepare themselves for there last day together, and also get to know some secret about themselves. The next day the ladies all are packing there items, because they're set to leave. Joi still had some beef with Paula, so she decided to fight her, but failed fighting with her.

     Joi was removed off the house earlier due to trying to cause a fight. 

8 8 "Classy Reunion 1.0" July 2, 2013   631/700
The classy ladies reunite together and shows clips of there interviews, confessionals, auditions, and behind the scence. In the reunion there was two fights, and in which one fight got a serious injury. Katherine and Layla both fought each other due to one calling the other fake, and the second fight was Samira and Tamia fighting over a little confessional Tamia made about Samira, and left Tamia in a bloody trip to the hospital. The last three remaining ladies received there winning money at the reunion. 

Classy Ladies ImagesEdit

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