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Obtaining a higher levelEdit

The different Color LevelsEdit

Yellow 30T$ 15K 2x
Orange 40T$ 30K 3x
Light Green 50T$ 60K 4x
Dark Green 80T$ 90K 5x
Blue 90T$ 120K 6x
Purple 100T$ 180K 7x
Red 120T$ 200K 8x
Brown 140T$ 240K 9x
Black 200T$ 350K


Extra LevelsEdit

After obtaining the Black Level, five more levels open up to you. These levels are:

Color Price Karma Power
Silver 300T$ 600 11x
Gold 400T$ 1000 12x
Sky 500T$ 1300 13x
Blood 600T$ 1500 14x
TV Star 1000T$ 2000 15x

Outside LinksEdit

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