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1st December 2012 -

Cool's Big Brother is an online reality show based upon the USA version of the hit TV show Big Brother. The game usually involves 10-20 contestants (known as houseguests) competing for a $500,000 virtual prize. The series has ran since December 2012.


There are four main events that take place inside the game; Head of Households are decided by competitions and this person enjoys special luxuries - their own bedroom (comes in the form of a Tengaged group) and the power to nominate two others for eviction. Nominations is where the HoH nominates two people for eviction. The Power of Veto is like the HoH, it is decided by a competition. However, the person has a choice to either take somebody off nominations or keep the HoH's decision the same. Should the Veto Holder decide to use it, the HoH must decide a replacement nominee. Then, the houseguests (excluding the nominees and the Head of Household) will vote out one of the nominees. If there is a tie, the HoH will decide who stays and who leaves the game.

In the Final 2, the final seven evicted houseguests will come back and decide the winner of Cool's Big Brother. The winner may receive a gift, depending on what happens.

However, new twists will occur that will make some of the main format parts different. Here are the notable format-changing twists:

  • In Week 3 in season 1, the powers were doubled: Two Heads of Households, Two Power of Veto holders, four nominees and two evictees.
  • Season 1 introduced the Win Token, a power which was seen in the YouTube sensation 'Battle For Dream Island'. If used, the nominee can void half of their votes to evict against them. Quinn was the first to receive a Win Token in Week 5 of Season 1. Also, if you return again to another season, any Win Tokens you had will be returned to you.


Season Days HouseGuests Run Winner Runner(s)-up
1 25 12 HouseGuests 1 Dec 2012 - 25 Dec 2012 TBA TBA
2: Two Houses TBA 16 HouseGuests
2 Veterans
5 Jan 2013 - TBA TBA TBA
3: The Mix TBA 14 TBA - TBA TBA TBA


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