The castle


Coolnarwhal88's Castle series began with it's first season on October 1st, 2013. 

How the Castle Works:

     The (typically) 13 players will compete in a competition. Two people will win this competition. These two people are the rulers for the round. The rulers get to each nominate one person who has the risk of going home. The two nominees have a choice of their elimination:

     -They can either "joust" in which only one person survives and the other person will be automatically evicted. If they joust, then the ruler who nominated the losing joustee will be demoted from their throne while the ruler of the winning joustee will get to stay for the next round.

     -The other option is for the two nominees to be sent to the dungeons. Each round two more people are sent to the dungeons, a competition will be held there and in the castle. The non-rulers in the castle will have a competition for executioner while the prisoners have a competition for immunity. The executioner gets to automatically eliminate one of the prisoners. If the nominees choose the dungeons, then both rulers will be demoted from their throne. Somewhere in the game, when just one prisoner is left, they will be allowed to return to the castle.

     This will continue each week until just two players remain. There will be a final competition in which the two contestants can compete for one jury vote. Then the last six eliminated players will vote for who they want to win the AMAZING prize of pure satisfaction.

This is just the basic idea. Several seasons have added twists.

Past Castle Seasons
# Name Winner Runner-Up Vote
1 Castle 1 TBA TBA TBA

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