Survivor is cubsguy831's version of the hit reality TV show. It started in late 2011 and is now over. It is hosted by an "Dark Green Level" Tengager, cubsguy831.

The show begins off with the marooning, where 16-20 Tengagers are abandoned and split into two or more tribes. They must provide water, food and build a shelter to survive. While surviving they also have immunity challenges where the two or more tribes compete for immunity. The losing tribe in the immunity goes to Tribal Council where they vote one of their members out of the game. Later in the game when it comes down to about 10-12 castaways, the tribes merge into one tribe. After the "merge" the castaways compete in individual immunity challenges hoping they won't be the ones to go. After or right before the "merge" people who get voted out become the members of the jury who in the end pick the winner of Survivor, when it gets down the final 2 or 3. The jury interroagates the finalists to see who is most deserving of the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

The SeasonsEdit

Original Seasons 2011-Present

# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 Survivor: Borneo Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia      Tagi
jflora18 pratty437 4-0
2 Survivor: The Australian Outback Herbert River      Kucha
zooncote KingB24 4-1
3 Survivor: Africa Shaba National Reserve, Kenya, Africa      Boran
     Moto Maji
JoeyMenchaff Leahtyer
4 Survivor: Marquesas Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands      Rotu
NCFX RoboZoe 4-3
5 Survivor: Thailand - Karma Island Ko Tarutao, Satun Province, Thailand      Chuay Gahn
     Sook Jai
     Chuay Jai
manalord TheBizareOne 4-1
6 Survivor: The Amazon-Idol Island Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil      Jaburu
splozojames50 evilgenious448
7 Survivor: All Stars Pearl Islands, Panama      Chapera
     Mogo Mogo
     Chaboga Mogo
NCFX sergeant antega34 6-1-0
8 Survivor: Vanuatu - Islands of Fire Efate, Shefa Province, Vanuatu     Lopevi
TheSexiestDude990 cowkal2 Hudspith 4-2-1
9 Survivor: Guatemala Laguna Yaxhá, Yaxhá-Nakúm-Naranjo National Park, Petén, Guatemala     Yaxhá
yankeeman311 Caliboy Kikorus 3-2-2
10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Upolu, Samoa     Heroes
     Yin Yang
Ireks yankeeman311 pratty437 6-2-1
11 Survivor: Pearl Islands Pearl Islands, Panama      Morgan
Manipulation ferdinandz 5-2
12 Survivor: Palau Koror, Palau      Koror
Breant thewinner 4-1
13 Best of the  Best Samoa      Foa Foa

Most Days PlayedEdit

Name Days Played Season(s) Avg. Days Per Season
Joeker 130 6th,The Australian Outback
5th, Marquesas
10th, All Stars
4th, Heroes Vs Villains
coolnarwhal88 125 3rd,The Australian Outback
10th, Marquesas
6th, All Stars
7th, Heroes Vs Villains
antega34 113 4th,The Amazon
3rd, All Stars
5th, Heroes Vs Villains

Season RankingsEdit

1. Heroes Vs Villains
2. Guatemala
3. Pearl Islands
4. Marquesas
5. All Stars
6. The Australian Outback
7. Borneo
8. Thailand - Karma Island
9. Vanuatu
10. Palau
11. The Amazon
12. Africa

Winner RankingsEdit

1. NCFX (All Stars)
2. yankeeman311
3. NCFX (Marquesas)
4. Manipulation
5. Ireks
6. manalord
7. Breant
8. jflora18
9. TheSexiestDude990
10. zooncote
11. splozojames50
12. JoeyMenchaff

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