Dems Survivor Borneo is the first season of the series Dems Survivor Started 05/23/12 - 6/1/12

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finished By a vote
packerbacker Tagi Day 3 2-1-1-1
atrain Pagong Day 6 3-1-1
yoshi9999 Tagi Day 8 Evacuated
dolphinsoccer Tagi Rattana Day 10 (first member of the jury) Quit
blazermaniac Tagi Rattana Day 15 (Second Jury member) 3-1-1-1
Jarst Pagong Rattana Day 18 (Third Jury Member) 3-2
nicholas1209 Tagi Rattana Day 21 (Fourth Jury Member) 3-1 (Sprinter)
Glinda Pagong Rattana Day 24 (Last jury member) 1 (Third place)
SimvivoRWay Pagong Rattana Day 27 (Runner up) Runner Up
martellomis Pagong Rattana Day 27 (Winner) Winner

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