By clicking on the 'Designs' tab, users can upload their designs. These designs are made for dressing up avatars and are split into T-Shirt Mode and Expert Mode. All new designs are voted on by other users, similar to Blogs, and if your design reaches the top of the most popular designs when the countdown reaches zero, it will be placed in the Auction.

T-Shirt ModeEdit

The T-Shirt Mode is the simplest way of designing an item of clothing. After selecting this mode, you will be asked to select a T-Shirt color of your choice. After selecting the color, you must then upload a picture. The squarer a picture or photo is, the more likely it will look good. When you have finished, your design will enter the Designs page.

Expert ModeEdit

In the Expert Mode, designers with better knowledge of designing can upload an item of clothing or facial features. Their design must fit into one of the following categories: clothes, eyes, mouth, tattoo/scar etc, glasses, hair and hats. When uploaded, they enter the same Designs page.

Outside LinksEdit

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