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Welcome to Sabotaged 1. 15 contestants will battle it out for $5 million dollars! They will be taken through the plains of Africa, the Jungles of the Amazon and many more. Who will win, who will fall short, find out on Sabotaged 1!

Location 1-San Francisco, USA

Winners-Jordan, Giga, Michael

Danger Zone- Rocky, CJ, and Kyle

Out- Rocky

Location 2-Mexico City, Mexico

Winners-Oakley and Kyle

Danger Zone-CJ, Jordan, Michael

Out-CJ Oakley (Quit)

Location 3- Versailles, France

Winners-Jordan and Kyle

Danger Zone-AJ, Amanda, Michael


Location 4-Berlin, Germany


Danger Zone-Hunter, Amanda, Ty

Out-Ty, Amanda

Location 5-Helsinki, Finland


Danger Zone-Unit, Giga, Drew


Location 6-St. Petersburg, Russia


Danger Zone-David


The Contestants
The Contestants Name in the Game Placement
jman96 Jordan TBD
ofl1998 Oakley 13th
Quinn791 Drew TBD
jflora18 AJ TBD
Comando666 Alex TBD
pandaluver333 Amanda 10th
rocky05 Rocky 15th
David123456 David TBD
drorange32 CJ 14th
Giga5 Giga 9th
Flamelord Ty 11th
Unit8890 Unit


PeaceOut14 Michael 12th
cowkal2 Kyle TBD
ToPdOg Hunter TBD

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