Teams Piece they started with
Blue Team - Pratty437/Ireks Strength
Grey Team - Spinner554/Realchance Courage
Purple Team - RobbyLanza/Kindlycruel1 Teamwork
Red Team - Eliortiz1234/Tannerandkaleb Leadership
Green Team - Thameowmeow/Rileycotter Knowlege
Yellow Team - Bdreezy15/Tyler2 Commitment
Orange Team - JYC0615/Lamontlamar1998112 Perseverance

Episode 1: We are here

  • All 7 teams save been made
  • All teams have one piece

Episode 2: Blog Me

  • Red Team won the endurance mission
  • Red won the Heart Piece
  • Blue Team gets the samati

Episode 3: Using our speed

  • Red Team won the temple mission
  • Noms were Blue/Green
  • Green was removed by not sending a combo
  • Blue stays alive

Episode 4: We have knowlege

  • Blue Team won the endurance mission
  • Blue won Green Teams Knowege piece
  • Red Team gets the Samati

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