House 1Edit

Week: 1 2 3 4 5
King of Castle: Hunter Reed Katy Amanda Violet
Pre Deadweights: Valerie,Vivian Mario, Rose Amanda, Vivian Violet, Hunter Katy, Vivian
Survivor of Exile: Katy Rose Reed Vivian Hunter
Post Deadweights: Valerie, Vivian Mario, Vivian Vivian,Rose Hunter,Cato Katy, Vivian
Amanda Valerie Vivian Rose Cato Katy
Hunter KOC Vivian Rose DW Vivian
Reed Vivian Mario Rose Cato Katy
Violet Vivian Vivian Rose Cato KOC
Vivian DW DW DW Hunter DW
Katy Valeie Mario KOC Hunter DW
Cato Valerie Mario Vivian DW Exiled(Day12)
Rose Valerie Mario DW Exiled(Day9)
Mario Vivian DW Exile(Day 6)
Valerie DW Exiled(Day3)

House 2Edit

Week: 1 2 3 4 5
King of Castle: Guy Heather Guy Rex Bree
Pre Deadweights: Tex,Rain Bianca, Ike Ike, Tex Bree, Heather Rex, Trevor
Survivor of Exile: Bianca Heather Trevor Bree Guy
Post Deadweights: Tex, Rain Bianca, Ike Ike, Tex Heather, Ike Rex, Trevor
Bree Rain Bianca Ike Heather KOC
Guy KOC Ike KOC Ike Rex
Ike Rain DW DW DW Rex
Megan Tex Ike Tex Ike Rex
Trevor Tex Bianca Tex Heather DW
Rex Rain Ike Tex KOC DW
Heather Rain KOC Ike DW Exiled(Day12)
Tex DW Bianca DW Exiled(Day9)
Bianca Tex DW Exiled(Day6)
Rain DW Exiled (Day3)

House 3Edit

Week: 1 2 3 4 5
King of Castle: Victoria Spike Zane Victoria Jessica
Pre Deadweights: Storm, Jessica Forrest,Victoria Spike, Felix Storm, Zane Felix, Ziggy
Survivor of Exile: Jessica Felix Ziggy Victoria Jessica
Post Deadweights: Storm, Eli Forrest,Jessica Spike, Felix Storm, Zane Felix, Ziggy
Felix Storm Forrest DW Storm DW
Jessica Eli DW Spike Zane KOC
Michelle Eli Forrest Spike Zane Felix
Storm DW Forrest Spike DW Ziggy
Victoria KOC Forrest Spike KOC Ziggy
Ziggy Eli Jessica Felix Zane DW
Zane Storm Forrest KOC DW Exiled(Day12)
Spike Storm KOC DW Exiled(Day9)
Forrest Eli DW Exiled (Day6)
Eli DW Exiled (Day3)

House 4Edit

Week: 1 2 3 4 5
King of Castle: Jean Ivy Skylar Colton Colton
Pre Deadweights: Parker, Skylar Colton,Parker Jean,Jericho Levi, Parker Levi, Parker
Survivor of Exile: Parker Parker Jericho Parker Skylar
Post Deadweights: Skylar, Donovan Colton, Sarah Jean,Levi Levi, Jericho Levi, Parker
Apollo Skylar Sarah Jean Jericho Levi
Colton Donovan DW Levi KOC KOC
Ivy Skylar KOC Jean Jericho Levi
Parker Donovan Sarah Levi Levi DW
Skylar DW Sarah KOC Jericho Parker
Levi Donovan Sarah DW DW DW
Jericho Donovan Colton Jean DW Exile(Day12)
Jean KOC Sarah DW Exiled(Day9)
Sarah Skylar DW Exiled (Day6)
Donovan DW Exiled (Day3)

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