Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Secret Island Status Finish Total Votes
49288 North Island

1st Eliminated

2nd Voted Out Day 2

PhillyDave23 South Island 2nd Eliminated 1st Voted Out Day 1 3
chad123 North Island 3rd Eliminated 3rd Voted Out Day 3 4
"Subfriend" South Island 1st Winner 4th Voted Out Day 4 2
Shadows South Island South Island 4th Eliminated 5th Voted Out Day 5 3
RockThisClub North Island

North Island


Day 6

Maya10 South Island South Island 5th Eliminated 6th Voted Out Day 7 6
Snake North Island South Island 6th Eliminated

7th Voted Out Day 8

Froodsbag North Island South Island Langun


Day 9

gaga4andrew South Island

North Island

7th Eliminated 9th Voted Out Day 11 3
LoganGage14 South Island North Island 8th Eliminated 10th Voted Out Day 12 3
"Milkisgood" South Island North Island 2nd Winner

11th Voted Out Day 13

Awsomeone South Island South Island 9th Eliminated 8th Voted Out Day 10 4
mrkkkyle North Island North Island 10th Eliminated 12th Voted Out Day 14 2
rachalHOT1000 North Island South Island 13th Voted Out Day 15 6
Insanity17 North Island South Island 14th Voted Out Day 16 5
epstar59 South Island North Island 15th Voted Out Day 17 3
subfriend South Island 16th Voted Out Day 18 4
flamingjoe South Island South Island 17th Voted Out Day 19 2
rstar51 North Island North Island 2nd Runner Up 2
gbold1 North Island North Island Runner Up 2
Milkisgood South Island North Island Sole Survivor 4

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