Expert Designs is a section of the 'Designs' page, in which a user can upload an intricate design that has the opportunity to enter an auction, if successful enough.

Expert DesigningEdit

There are two modes for designing. The first, and easiest mode, is the T-Shirt Mode. This is easier because it only requires the selection of a colored T-Shirt and the upload of a picture or photo design. In comparison, Expert Designs are much more intricate because they require the user to use specific programmes and to design it to fit the average Tengaged user body shape.

These designs must fit into only one of the following categories: clothes, eyes, mouth, tattoo/scars, glasses, hair or hats. They cannot be entered as more than one category.

After uploading your designEdit

Once uploaded, the design will enter the 'Designs' page where it will be voted upon. Users will either plus or minus the design regarding whether or not they like it. The design has three days to reach the top of the list of popular designs and after that time period, if is has not reached auction, it will be removed.

Once in auction, users who are interested in purchasing your design will have the opportunity to bid either 1T$, 5T$, 10T$ or 50T$ at a time.

Outside Links:Edit

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