Survivor: Greece was the first season in FireFlame's series. It featured 16 contestants, and __________________. A summary of the season will be posted after the Finale.


Castaways User Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Dylan B. theonenameddylan Pallas 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Leah L. PeachessnCream Pallas 2nd Voted out
Day 6
Brandon S. thewaffle Pallas 2
Brian W. justdontevictme Pallas
Cole C. Cole91 Metis
Foster N. dangon213 Metis
Heather L. heatherlum Metis
Ivan G. Ace99 Metis
Jack S. Thetrumpetman423 Pallas
Mika L. MongoMan Metis
Mike P. MicklePickle20 Pallas
Nick D. Jmain14 Pallas
Tanner D. dawson346 Pallas
Tobi T. ThatEpic Metis
Ty M. CrazyLocoBeast Metis
Tyler P. heyitsty Metis

Season SummaryEdit

Episode 1- "Unfortunatley, None of Them Showed Up"

The contestants arrive on the shores of Cyclades, a small island southeast of the Greece mainland. They are divided into two tribes, Metis and Pallas, based on two Greek titans. Before seeing their camps, they went straight to their first immunity challenge.

At the immunity challenge, the classic "Pass the Torch", Metis worked together well, and ended up dominating the game, and winning immunity. At Tribal, there was a tie between Leah and Dylan, showing even more division in this dysfunctional group. In the end, Dylan went home when the revote showed a majority towards him.

Episode 2- "My Desire to Stay in this Game!"Edit

Summary coming soon.

Returning PlayersEdit

Coming soon.

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