FireFlame's Survivor officially started June 2013, with a cast of 16 players competing in Greece. It is currently on its 1st season. The series is based off the popular reality show, Survivor, where 16-20 "castaways" or contestants are marooned in an exotic location. They must compete in challenges, fend for themselves, and on occasion, vote one member out of the tribe. The final 2 will face the jury, made of people who were voted out of the game. The jury will vote for a winner, who will be crowned "Sole Survivor."


# Season Location Tribes Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Vote Notes
1 Greece Cyclades, Greece Pallas ??? ??? ??? ???

Season RankingsEdit

1. Greece

Winner RankingsEdit

1. ??? (Greece)

FireFlame's Survivor Favorite MomentsEdit


Hall of FameEdit


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