→Flamergamer8'S Survivor, Croatia(Co-Hosted by Carlyjordan14)

First stop, Croatia, where 16 Contestants will arrive to play the first ever Survivor Hosted by Flamergamer8. To surviving the elements and each other, they must last 39 days until 2 are left standing. Only 1 can win, who will take the title of Sole Survivor?

~Snažni Tribe~ sergeant(Max) Nt888(Nathan) cobester118(Coby) steve4280(Steve) david623(David) Arcaninemaster(Eric) AHarvin(Harvin) jamessmith5(James)

~Hrabri Tribe~ Ahmir99(Ahmir) Happy202(Happy) JackieSings(Jack) lanadelrey_(Alexandria) Futbolistotvhd(Rachelle) domarco13(Amanda) diarzibari101(Michael) barkmrck3tg(Mark)

16th/15th-Happy202(Happy)-Banned 16th/15th-cobester118(Coby)-Banned 14th-JackieSings(Jack)-Quit 13th-diarzibari101(Michael)-1st Voted out(4-1-1) ~Tribe Swap~ 12th-Nt888(Nathan)-2nd Voted out(5-1) Returnee-lanadelrey_(Alexandria)-3rd Voted out(3-2) ~Merge~ 11th-domarco13(Amanda)-Banned 10th-barkmrck3tg(Mark)-4th Voted out(8-1) 9th-Ahmir99(Ahmir)-5th Voted out(6-1-1) Returnee-Arcaninemaster(Eric)-6th Voted out(5-2) 8th-AHarvin(Harvin)-7th Voted out(3-2-1) 7th-sergeant(Max)-8th Voted out(2-2-2-1) Re:(2-1-0)→6th-James(jamessmith5)-9th Voted out(2-2-2-1) Re:(2-1-0)

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