Pokemon Survivor

Join Flmelord (Flame) as he hosts his first ever survivor series. It is currently in its first season and is proving to be a good one. 10 pokemon stranded in the middle of the Safari zone with nothing but thier pokemon abilities and survivor skills. Forced to work together to create a new society while battling the elements and each other. They will be divided into tribes and forrced to work as a team for a huge part of the game. 39 days, 10 pokemon, 1 survivor


Contestants that lose a challenge are forced to vote. Failure to vote will give you a self-vote. If you accumulate 4 self-votes, you will get eliminated from the game. Unless you can't be at a challenge, come to a challenge. If you don't come and your team loses, you will be called out on it at tribal, especially if you you were the only one not at the challenge. If you don't come to a challenge 3 times, you will accumulate a self-vote at tribal. Contact me on tengaged for more Questions [1].


Season 1.
Pokemon Tribe/Placement Total Votes Moltres Pagong 0
Charmander Tagi 0
Infernape Tagi 0
Vulpix Pagong 0
Oddish Pagong 0
Jigglypuff Tagi 0
Dusknoir Pagong 0
Snivy Tagi 0
Pikachu Tagi 0
Espeon Pagong 0

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