Gaiaphages final survivor season started on October 14, 2012 and ended on ???. Gaiaphage casted 88 people, 41 rookies and 47 veterans. ??? won over ??? and ??? by a jury vote of ???-???-???.




Placement Castaway Original Tribe Vote



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Vinnere Tribe (Green Buffs): Bowling4fun Joeker PeaceOut14 GameTime Mearl CK11 Black0ut247 Alexclow345 SkillzDatKillz Janey LHume

Tribe 2: Sarge455 Spinner554 Keitho44 BBlover96 Amf7410 49288 Hinata0014 JETTEJ Jharrin7887 Ronel Alaadin

Yansing Tribe (Blue Buffs): Nbkiller Milkisgood RShowFrek Jimboslice Michael222 MMAJunkieX Survivor8 Deadbeatjonah4 EmoPinata RachelReilly1 Bigbrother101

Mejor Tribe (Pink Buffs): BestHeroD TylerKeith Boots22 Jakehou Chantra1 77sparks77 JamesM Gloss Lachie227 Chhsfreshman2009 Esquiff

Nyroysa (Purple Buffs): Manipulation Alyxandra Suitman13 Leonine_Divine 01Gohan Mrlincoln2u Timster Sunslicer2 BrandonBam Khan Booyahhayoob

Sgodrednu Tribe) (Red Buffs): Bluba164 Prozach Zbase4 Mattkwon1 Survivorfan1111 Mybash_ Bradyman7 Sergeant Flamelord Jarry Missalice3

Enhet Tribe (Orange Buffs): Joshg222 Janelle_Pierzina Cmack311 Dragotistic Patriciasigmond Econ21 Aquamarine Smackdownisblue Zed55 Sharon Themissinglink

Tribe 8: EliOrtiz1234 Ireks Splozojames50 GabCo TheAce Glinda/Queen1 Jflora18 Manalord 5651Omar TheBizareOne BassAbsol

Voting TableEdit

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