Contestant Original Tribe

Tribe Swap

Merged Tribe Jury Finish Total Votes
Glinda Roatan 1st Voted Out
Day 3
dragotistic Guanaja 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Survivor8 Utila

3rd Voted Out Day 6

DEADBEATJONAH14 Guanaja 4th Voted Out Day 6 3
teamjacz Guanaja 5th Voted Out Day 9 3
miles1baseball Yoro 6th Voted Out Day 9 4
Micheal222 Roatan 7th Voted Out Day 12 3
Coolnarwhal88 Utila 8th Voted Out Day 12 3
Wavykidq Yoro 9th Voted Out Day 15 3
bclrockschamp Yoro Utila 10th Voted Out Day 18 4
BestHeroD Guanaja Roatan 11th Voted Out Day 21 5
Chantra1 Roatan Guanaja 12th Voted Out Day 21 2
RachelReilly1 Yoro Utila 13th Voted Out Day 24 3
AshlynArehart Utila Guanaja 14th Voted Out Day 27 3
Leonine_Divine Utila Roatan 15th Voted Out Day 30 3
Jogo248 Utila Utila 16th Voted Out Day 30 5
Pedlick44 Roatan Roatan Olancho 1st Member of the Jury 17th Voted out Day 33 2
01Gohan Yoro Roatan 2nd Member of the Jury 18th Voted Out Day 36 5
NorthCarolinaDogwood Utila Guanaja 3rd Member of the Jury 19th Voted Out Day 39 6
SuitMan13 Yoro Roatan 4th Member of the Jury 20th Voted Out Day 42 4
jimboslice Guanaja Utila 5th Member of the Jury 21st Voted Out Day 45 6
hinata0014 Guanaja Guanaja 6th Member of the Jury 22nd Voted Out Day 48 4
PeaceOut14 Roatan Utila
punx123 Roatan Guanaja
splozojames50 Roatan Olancho
Piddu Guanaja Roatan
EliOrtiz1234 Utila Utila
yankeeman331 Yoro Guanaja

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