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Survivor: All-Stars

Survivor: All Stars is the sixth installment of Ghoul's Survivor . It will feature an cast entirely made up of returnees who were deemed to be the best players/characters through the first five seasons of the franchise.

20 players were sent initial invitations, though as of now it is unknown how many people will participate or if any of the inital invitations were rejected.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merge Tribe Result Total Votes Jury Vote
Lassidoggy Chatona     1st Voted Out
18th place
Day 3
Patrick319 Anansi     2nd Voted Out
17th place
Day 6
Florina Chatona     3rd Voted Out
16th place
Day 9
Joshjosh123 Anansi Anansi   4th Voted Out
15th place
Day 12
Mooohades Chatona X'Tabai   5th Voted Out
14th place
Day 15
Ilovesleep Chatona Anansi   6th Voted Out
13th place
Day 18
Eestrada17 X'Tabai X'Tabai   7th Voted Out
12th place
Day 18
Yaxha X'Tabai X'Tabai   8th Voted Out
11th place
Day 21
Steel Chatona Anansi Umbra 9th Voted Out
10th place
Day 24
7 Porschefan101
Quackerz X'Tabai Anansi Umbra 10th Voted Out
9th place
Day 27
5 Porschefan101
Artpop Chatona Anansi Umbra 11th Voted Out
8th place
Day 30
5 KidA
Konohavillage1 X'Tabai Anansi Umbra 12th Voted Out
7th place
Day 33
5 KidA
Obscurity X'Tabai Anansi Umbra 13th Voted Out
6th place
Day 36
5 KidA
Lemjam6 Anansi Anansi Umbra 14th Voted Out
5th place
Day 37
3* j0nhale
Caliboy Anansi X'Tabai Umbra 15th Voted Out
4th place
Day 38
4 KidA
J0nhale Anansi X'Tabai Umbra Second Runner Up
1 vote to win
Day 39
Porschefan101 Anansi X'Tabai Umbra Runner Up
2 votes to win
Day 39
KidA X'Tabai X'Tabai Umbra Winner
4 votes to win
Day 39

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