Survivor: South Africa

Ghoul's Survivor: South Africa was the second season of his group game franchise and featured 18 players vying for the title and a gift prize. It was the first season to feature a final three, where Mooohades eventually triupmhed over Lemjam6 and Joshjosh123 in a 4-3-1 vote.

Game HistoryEdit

Contestant Original Tribe Merge Tribe Result Jury Vote
Zimdelinvasor Tsonga   1st Voted Out
18th place
Day 3
01Gohan Tsonga   2nd Voted Out
17th place
Day 6
Qwerty3000 Tsonga   3rd Voted Out
16th place
Day 9
Best Venda   4th Voted Out
15th place
Day 12
Kingb24 Venda   Quit
14th place
Day 15
Jharrin7887 Tsonga   5th voted out
13th place
Day 15
Nickp Tsonga Vsonga Medevac
12th place
Day 18
Avatar3939 Tsonga Vsonga 6th voted out
11th place
Day 18
Sharkskin Venda Vsonga Quit
10th place
Day 21
Regularise Tsonga Vsonga 7th voted out
9th place
Day 24
Lovergurl Tsonga Vsonga 8th voted out
8th place
Day 27
EliOrtiz1234 Venda Vsonga Medevac
7th place
Day 30
Eestrada17 Venda Vsonga 9th voted out
6th place
Day 33
Tbibetch Venda Vsonga 10th voted out
5th place
Day 36
Bradyman7 Tsonga Vsonga 11th voted out
4th place
Day 38
Joshjosh123 Venda Vsonga Second Runner Up
1 vote to win
Day 39
Lemjam6 Venda Vsonga Runner Up
3 votes to win
Day 39
Mooohades Venda Vsonga Winner
4 votes to win
Day 39


Player of the Season: Lemjam6 Nonfinalist: Eestrada17

Fan Favorite: Lemjam6 Runners Up: Eestrada17 and Bradyman7

Villain of the Season: Sharkskin

Hero of the Season: Bradyman7

Best Voteoff: Eestrada17

Best Confessionals: Sharkskin

Best Premerge Boot: Best

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