Gloss, Pink and PizPaz's Poll Games (originally titled Tabby's Random Stars) is a Stars-type game which revolves around sixteen randomly chosen contestants (sometimes chosen through a PYN blog) surviving polls in order to make it to the final and win, with added twists along the way to shake things up.

Host TimelineEdit

Host A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P
(Poll Game D-present)
(Poll Game D-present)
(Poll Game O-present)
(Poll Game M-N)
(Poll Game A-C)
  • Note: those in bold are current host(s).

Poll GamesEdit

Currently, there have been fifteen seasons of Gloss, Ditzy and PizPaz's Poll Games, with a fourteenth season beginning shortly.

Poll Game Twist(s) Winner Runner-up(s)
A N/A WillyEx TheGreatXL
B The first three rounds featured only one nominee and the choice to save or evict them.
C In the first round, every contestant was nominated and the contestant with the highest percentage was evicted on the spot. PrincessTeePee Lonlee
D This season featured 20 contestants as opposed to the usual 16. Dorkishbarbi NoelSarah & Torimarie
E N/A 1Swampy8 DanielKennedy111 Ohhayy
F (AS) 23 previous contestants were brought back for a second chance to win the title. 1Swampy8 SexGoddx PrincessTeePee
G One evicted contestant returned through a poll. Yoshitomi Beautifulbones BB5lover
H N/A Bo_oM Foxox MarekK27
I The contestants were chosen through a PYN blog. Boots22 Mja9678 Andalarew_2231
J Six secret contestants, exiled on Outcast Island, fought for a chance to enter the game. BlueDust Millzipede & Skye10
K The contestants were chosen through a PYN blog. SamSam14 Andalarew_2231 Booyahhayoob
L (AS2) 20 contestants returned for a second shot and had to qualify to become an All-Star. Andalarew_2231 BlueDust Florina
M N/A G1ng4 Brandonpinzu ShayyBayy
N N/A Chelss Ditzy Kaay
O Everyone was assigned a partner. If a pair makes Final 3, the third finalist wins automatically. Stering_butter xbadgirlblondex Khianna
P Four alliances of five members each all fight for survival. BlueLagoon506 MarekK27 ShayyBayy


  • Poll Game B was postponed indefinitely.
  • NoelSarah and Torimarie both finished with 18.8% of Tengaged's vote, earning them both 2nd.
  • There were two tiebreaker polls in Poll Game E before 1Swampy8 finally won with 100% of Tengaged's vote.


  • Most Times Won - 1Swampy8 - 2 Times (Poll Games E & F)
  • Most Times Nominated
    • One Poll Game - 1Swampy8 (Poll Game E) & Yoshitomi (Poll Game G) - 5 Times
    • Multiple Poll Games - 1Swampy8 (Poll Games E & F) - 11 Times
  • Highest Winning Percentage
    • One "VOTE TO WIN!" Poll - WillyEx (Poll Game A) - 85.7%
    • Multiple "VOTE TO WIN!" Polls - 1Swampy8 (Poll Game E) - 100.0%
  • Longest Unnominated Streak - Ditzy (Poll Game N) - Unnominated until Final 3 [13 Evictions]

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