Halcyon's Total Drama Island is the first installment in Halcyon's Total Drama Series. It features a cast of 20 contestants (called "campers") battling it out for $1 million in an elimination-centric reality show where they face not only intense challenges, but coping with each other. 

Season SummaryEdit







Original Team Merged Team Finish Total Votes
charliescene0214 Duncan Killer Bass
sportygirl22 Bridgette Killer Bass
LindseyPirtle Harlod Killer Bass
MJFJUNE Ezekiel Killer Bass
nnewman3 Cody

Screaming Gophers

TheTDIRobi Lindsay Screaming Gophers
coolexchangestudent DJ Killer Bass
Ontario Heather Screaming Gophers
Kenu67 Justin Screaming Gophers
GentlemanG Tyler Killer Bass
dangon213 Beth Killer Bass
Wonderdog Coutrney Killer Bass
levonini Leshawna Screaming Gophers
MonaMania Izzy Screaming Gophers
punkparty Owen Screaming Gophers
Breant Geoff Killer Bass
carter_van Noah Screaming Gophers
rm_holmes Trent Screaming Gophers
Postale Eva Killer Bass
SunnyBunny Gwen Screaming Gophers

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