Head of Household (or HoH) is a useful title to own when playing Rookies or Frookies. The idea of Head of Household originates from Big Brother USA.

Big Brother USAEdit

In the real-life Big Brother, houseguests have the opportunity to earn the title "Head of Household" by competing in tasks, which take place after each eviction. Being the Head of Household unlocks numerous priviledges within the house, such as your own bedroom, maid service, a television to watch the other people in the house, photos and presents from home but most importantly, it allows you to decide which two houseguests will face the house's vote. This decision can be altered by the person who wins the Power of Veto or the Coup D'État. If the eviction results are a tie, then the Head of Household must decide who leaves the house. Also, if the holder of the Power of Veto removes somebody from the nominations, the Head of Household must find a replacement.

In the Tengaged WorldEdit

The status of Head of Household is a lot easier within Tengaged and allows the user- as with real-life- the opportunity to place fellow players up for nomination. Only the player who receives the best score in the challenges wins the title of Head of Household but it cannot be won by the previous Head of Household.

It is also possible for your fellow players to fight for the Power of Veto, which has the exact same meaning as is in the real-world. The holder of the Power of Veto, can decide whether or not to remove a player from nomination and if this player does then the Head of Household has to decide which other player to put up for eviction in their place.

A player who has won the title of Head of Household will have the lettering "HoH" underneath their picture when in the game of Rookies or Frookies.

Outside LinksEdit

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